The Angry Indian Man and Thaipusam

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Nedumaran Elangovan

'Konjem Sanja, Muruganee Vithe Yeppam Vittheruvange Evenenge'- actual words of an Indian uncle standing next to me.

Okay, lets us forget about the banners, the cut out and the huge ass garland. Pihak penulis tidak mahu memberi komen tentang pekara tersebut kerana, mungkin disalah tafsir oleh sesetengah pihak sebagai coretan ejen pembangkang, yang ingin menimbulkan huru-hara.

I was in Batu Caves (BC) last night, way up to 6 am this morning. Not to pray, I have to admit, I was there to support some family members who were paying their vows.

The first thing that greeting me was the blaring sounds of air-horns. For 2 fucking kilometers, all I can hear is the irritating sound of the horn, and machas screaming. Confirms my theory that most macha’s that show up during Thaipusam, are attention whores who think irritating people is cool.

This horn made me feel like killing somebody

Then there was this punk wig, WTF? Whats this? Attam 100 Vagai Concert? Ok, now Im going off topic. My anger today is not towards these idiots, but towards someone way higher. The so called temple management committee.chong qi you yong chi

Dear Sirs,

You have been in the committee for how long? As far as I know, you people have been there, sitting on your raised platform (now aircon glass building), shouting

 ‘Puchong, Taman Anggama-vin Parratai ke gavanam, unggel patti Tangamaa jamban kitte nikkerange ungalkage”

Ok, I have to admit, managing a million people is not an easy task, but you did have a long time to practice, didn’t you?  And you have a whole year to prepare, with millions of Ringgit to spare.

And still, every year, it the same old bullshit. Mismanaged crowds, terrible facilities, garbage and incompetent management. Here is something that I have noticed, and here is some suggestions.

Stall/Booth Placement

No stall should be allowed to operate along the main entrance leading to the stair as this causes congestion, removing stalls will allow more space for visitors to walk and breathe.

Yes, there will be people saying,

‘Tamilan business kedukera pakkeriya? Nambe edam kudekelati, vereh yaar nambe makkal ke opportunity kudupa?”.

I say, go ahead give the business to the small business owners, who needs your stupid fun-fair? Scrap you funfair, and you have space for another 50 businesses. Don’t tell me the funfair towkey is Indian now.

Don’t allow non religious, or community related booths in the temple grounds. Ok, I understand MC Mama Jama Puma needs this opportunity, to promote his album ‘Kathi Mel Ratham, Kattil Mel Porattam”. But he can do the same outside the grounds, right? Another space is made available for our small business owner.

Booths blocking pedestrian traffic

Crowd Movement

Okay, now you have your pathways clear. But there is still the issue with the bottleneck at the main entrance. I say, make the path one way. One for the one carrying kavadi, one for the normal devotee.

There is 3 pathways on the steps, 2 goes up, one comes down. Route the outgoing traffic through the shoplot area, more business for our Indian people. They will exit through the second gate (next to the main gate). Oh, yes, don't let the machas park their bikes there. These places should be purely for pedestrians.

Waste Management

Ok, now people are moving freely. But still, you have the piles of garbage. Most garbage comes off food stalls and food “panthals”. Ban the polystyrene containers, these container are bulky, hence the need for bigger bins. Use smaller containers like wax papers for distribution of food. Its more compact, and garbage storage will use less space.

adobe software updates

The temple can also try the zoning system. Group the food panthals, and food stalls into a common area. This will also eliminate need for multiple bins, as one of the issues that I heard is the temple has limited waste bins. The common area will have a few large bins, and with a frequent cleaning schedule, waste buildup will reduce.

Free drinks is good, but the location did cause congestion

Shoot The Irritating Idiots (I wish)

Don't take crap from these arseholes.   Bar people carrying destructive/disruptive items from coming into the temple ground.  They should also ban selling of these types of item near the temple ground. It can be kinda hard to accomplish, but didn’t someone say, we have 200 thousand RELA members in Klang Valley? Use RELA to throw these idiots out. Cakap banyak kalau, kasi sumbat dalam trak FRU.

Thaipusam turning into Samba Carnival

*nota kaki: Saw group of machas wearing monkey masks roaming around temple ground.

Showering Facility For Devotees.

This was the thing that pissed me to the maximum, 5  working PVC shower heads only? Fireworks show can, live telecast can, but a simple shower system cannot build? Now got RM 2 million lagi for Dewan. RM 8 juta for temple upgrade. Do what? Build big screen?

Mana mau mandi?

No Proper Information Dissemination System.

 “MP Pembangkang kentut dalam lift; imej negara tercemar” 

Ohhh...I blame it on yesterdays capati

Not exact words, but these type of things pejuang bangsa 1Malaysia can blog, but one of the biggest temples and tourist attraction in Malaysia does not have a website, and no one makes a noise? Where am I suppose to be updated with temple rules, regulations and updates? Twitter anyone?

So much money, so much of power and you still fall short. I guess, not needing to publish your accounts publicly does have this effect on you. Right? No wonder every year committee members 'boroiness' keeps on increasing.


JKMM; looking after the welfare of all races...

 Update 9-Feb-2012: 

Read an interesting note on the origins and how we have deviated from the original purpose of  Thaipusam on FB. You can read it here:

So, why are we celebrating THAIPUSAM?

Credits to the writer, Ms. Lelamekala Vengidasan.