Unity brings dumb and dumber together.

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Ruban Stop trying to unite a race. Be it uniting the Malay race or uniting the Indian race or uniting the Penan race for the matter. When humans gather in a group of like minded peers, they collectively behave stupidly. They become dumber. The idea that they will work together and pull resources and progress forward when they are among their peers is a myth. An overblown  myth. Let there be diversity. Let there be opposing camps.  Let there be different ideas. Let there be people who disagree. After all, no one is right all the time and no one group knows whats best for all of us all the time. Diversity of thoughts, ideas, believes and goals among a social group is strength. This diversity is what would push us to work and strive for excellence. harder. This is what that would bring genuine progress. Not sitting together with like minded idiots slapping each others backs, thinking there is strength in numbers.disney jumpers for sale

” Enna Macha, Mutteya? Amma Mamme, ni eppedi? Nannu Periya Mutte thaaaaaa!”

This rule applies to all aspects in life, including politics cheap water slides. Make no mistake. BN is doing all that it is doing today not because of any other reason. Its because the dissenting voice is getting bigger. If it was not for PR, for DAP PAS and PKR joining hands together and forming a credible alliance, BN would not even perform at the below par level that it is now. Do you think  bribing the students  with RM 200, bribing the struggling middle income families with  RM 500, bribing the ex servicemen or their widows with RM 3000 etc etc by our BN Government and our Honorable Prime Minister is because of the goodness of the ruling elite? Its because of the opposition pilling the pressure. Its because they need to spread some to the dumb and dumber club that is core to keeping these clowns in Public Office. The three main opposition parties realised that they all have one common ground. All their members woke up from the slumber and refused to stay, stick or even have anything to do with the koyak-ed crowd. So naturally PR was forged as a common platform  for those who have refused to gather under one big group and be collectively stupid. So there you go. Stop trying to bring dumb and dumber together. Putting Nambikai on these guys who survive on the collectively stupid is like putting a Tembikai back up our arse.  Not wise.