The Message From Bahau

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Nedumaran Elangovan

“Bang, neenge jokka, puriyere mathiri sonningee!  Anaa, ennaku government  & DAP yethe pethi pesarange ne puriyelee bang!”

“Bro, you told me something that I could easily understand! But, I don’t know what Government and DAP is talking about bro!”

A reader of this blog messaged me in FB on Saturday. This guy seems to be quite young, I guess not more than 20 years old. He is from a town in Negri Sembilan, and looking at his profile, his family seems to be the semi-rural middle income Indian family .

Most likely, (with no disrespect) his parents are not professionals (in terms of career), and their main source of information is from the mainstream media. I don’t think that, they would have  heard about the key issues that are being fought over by the government and the opposition, as these issues is never discussed in the mainstream media inflatable water slide.

In any other case, this teen would have become the poster boy of the Pemuda/Putera groups. From rural Malaysia, brainwashed by the media and worshipping the ‘youth leaders’ who actually are balls carriers of the organization heads.

Thanks to the internet though, this kid did see the world from a different point of view, and he did seek clarification when he didn’t understand.

Below, I have summarized some issues that we don’t see the any pejuang bangsa 1Malaysia talking about. These are not the only issues, but these are key issues, that I have never seen any pro-Putera bloggers talking about.

For you, brother from Bahau:

1.       National Feedlot Company Scandal (NFC)

Who: Government Minister and family.

What: Government give money (RM 250 million) for rearing of cows for meat, but they use for personal use, including paying for personal credit card, purchase of Mercedes and luxury apartments.

How will it affect you: The money is tax you or your family members paid. Unggal appa ode kaasu, yevan-yevano enjoy pannelama?

Last time, Indian people say “padikathi..poi maadu mei!”. Nowadays, maadu keepers also become jutawan 

2.       1Care Healthcare Scheme

Who: Ministry of Health

What: Government to tax you monthly (sources say 10% of salary) to improve healthcare

How will it affect you: If you are very healthy, and never get sick, you will still have to pay 1.2 times of you salary to government every year.

No use living a healthy life I guess,

3.       PERKASA/Utusan Malaysia

Who: A bunch of racist idiots

What: They keep on insulting and threatening non-Malays, without the government saying anything to stop them.

How will it affect you: Even though your great-grandfather is born in Malaysia, someone who’s father is born in Indonesia can insult you, and no one will say a thing, as you are still ‘pendatang’.

4.       Independent Power Producers (IPP)

Who: Private companies that produce electricity to be resold to the government

What: PETRONAS sells fuel below market rate to IPP. TNB buys electric from IPP for high price. IPP makes tons of money.

How will it affect you: User like you and me will absorb the higher electricity tariff and pay more for electricity use.

5.       Highway toll

Who:  Toll operator

What: Toll operators already get back all the money they use to build the road plus profit (in PLUS case, put in RM 6 billion get RM24 billion) plus they will charge toll until 2038.

How will it affect you: Your children will be paying toll even when roads should be something that government should provide free to the people, as you are already paying road tax.

6.       Government Subsidies (Financial Assistance)

Who: Ministry of Finance

What: IPPs receive cheap fuel. Toll operators receive free land to build road. Make billions in profit.

How will it affect you: To offset this, government will cut down subsidies on other items, raising prices of items, especially petrol prices for your car.

M-I-C…Malaysian Indians in Crisis

How can you change things?

  1. If you are 21 years or above, please register as a voter.
  2. If you have already registered, please check and confirm your voter registration status. Please check for your older family members too.
  3. Read online news portals, as all TV channels and most newspapers are pro-BN. You will never hear the wrong of the BN if you rely on these sources. I personally recommend the The Malaysian Insider news portal for unbiased news updates.
  4. Educate your family members or friends who are not IT-savvy, print out the news that you feel is important and pass it around.
  5. Vote with your head, not with your heart. Think about the future of your children and your grandchildren.
  6. Turn up on polling day, and vote!

Our great grandfathers build the roads, the railroads and the ports. The cleared the jungles and made way for the city.

They built this country. Now we must rebuild it once again.

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This is your country, no matter what any bigot has to say.