Kepada kaum India dan pihak berkuasa Malaysia

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Vin Kumar

I think the title got your attention. Now, let me start.

Thaipusam is celebrated by Hindus (especially the Tamil community) to pay vows made to Lord Muruga (mainly) and other Hindu gods. It is one of Malaysia’s biggest attractions. Foreigners love the thaipusam atmosphere as they can see thousands of devotees fullfilling their vows by carrying milk pots, kavadis, getting pierced with belled hooks, etc.

(Continue to read it, I got my points coming up.)

Thaipusam brings good business to the Malaysian Tourism sector. It also brings a good name to our country as people worldwide talk about Thaipusam celebrated in Malaysia.

On the eve of Thaipusam, the Chariot procession takes place from the Amman temple in Lebuh Ampang until Batu Caves.

Hundreds of free- refreshment stalls are put up along the long journey for the devotees and walkers so that they can carry on their journey. Sometimes, there are even bare-footed devotees walking. Thaipusam is the only Hindu celebration I celebrate. So, it’s meaningful to me.

But from what I have seen since my first experience in KL Thaipusam is only 40%  of devotees. The balance 60% are punks who should not live. I don’t care of their families. These punks should be shot dead.

They wear some kind of stadium wig with weird colours, they blow stadium horns, they rev their bikes loudly, the richer punks play non-religious songs loudly on their car speakers, they drink alcohol in public, they fight in public, they disturb the devotees, they harass the girls and their families, they do estate – level bike stunts.

These people are causing the public to feel uncomfortable. They are anarchists of the highest order.

These punks don’t see Thaipusam as a religious celebration. They see it as a “Screw the Police” Day.

What are the Police and RELA doing about these fellas?

All I could see are policemen lepaking around here and there while the Indian punks prance around the whole city.

So, here is a suggestion for you authorities:

You know the pathway taken during Thaipusam every year. It is always the same.

Why don’t you make stations along the way? Just have a patrol car or two every 20 Kilometres, police and RELA guarding and clearing the whole way for the devotees to walk peacefully, and some big police trucks to catch every punk making trouble there.

Put those punks under ISA. They are threatening the internal security of our nation, aren’t they?Is this procedure so hard to do? Don’t tell me there aren’t enough personnel or whatever nonsense.Bring in Angkatan Tentera Malaysia if you have to. They ARE trained for situations far worse than this. I’m sure they can handle these punks with ease. And restrict the licenses of stalls that sell those wigs and horns. These indian punks can’t support our Malaysian teams in stadiums, but use the accessories in inappropriate places.

Just think of how foreigners would think of our country if they saw one day of anarchy in a peaceful country?

That was for the Authorities.

Now, for you Indians.

Why do you disturb the devotees? I just dont get it.

There are people fullfilling prayers there, and you punks are goofing around.

Why can’t you let the devotees fulfill their vows peacefully?

Why the hell do you rev your bikes loudly?

Why drink beer in public during your own God’s celebration?

Why fight your own race?

Why harm innocent women and families there?

Why the hell do you behave like cheap people during Thaipusam?

Why are there durian kavadis?

Why are there ManUtd kavadis?

Why are there Tron Ayyasamy?

Why are there “Dasavatharam –  Kamal Hassan” kavadis?

So far, I’ve heard stories that can only enrage me.

An Indian girl was molested by two drunk Indian boys behind a car during the Chariot processions.

She was hit on the head if she ever tried to resist.

A young boy around the age of 12 was whacked by aa group of Indians for wearing a shirt emroided with the number ‘3’.

There was a refreshment stall put up by a bunch of Indians. They were drinking beer and causing havoc in the public. I heard a lady got punched by one of those drunkards until she fainted.

I even heard a story of a devotee woman carrying the Milk pot that died in a human stampede after being pushed.

Indians are revving their bikes and harassing people near SOGO area.

Suppose these stories are fictional. SUPPOSE they are. Who can assure that these stories wont happen during the next Thaipusam? To the police, use rubber ammo or taser guns or even live bullets to put down those punks and bring back order. Arrest them and whack them in public to control the crowd.

Human Rights is only for humans. Not for those Satanic hellspawns.

To the fellow Indians who agree, don’t bother about fighting for the rights of these punks. They have no function in the development of the society. They only bring chaos. Let these punks rot in hell.I dont really know how to get this message spreaded out to people in Malaysia. I’m sure every Tom, Dick and Harry has a Facebook account.

So, please share it.

I want the Chief of Police Di-Raja Malaysia to read this and make some initiative for next year’s Thaipusam. Let this reach our Prime Minister Mr. Najib, as well.



A youth of this nation.


#To those who disagree, please feel free to choke yourselves and die.