Tamil Schools : Moving Forward

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This is just an idea that has been going through my head for some time now. On how to not only preserve tamil schools and Tamil language in Malaysia, but allow it to grow and be a catalyst of change among our younger generation.

I always believe that we are hindered by the way we think and operate. Always inside the box. We need to shift the way we think.

My idea is this:

Slowly make all tamil schools as evening schools. Start like sekolah Agama. After 1 pm.Than Tamil Schools can really play the role of changing our society.Day time, all the indian students attend national schools or even chinese schools.Evening, let them go to tamil schools until atleast 6 or even 7 PM.

Here we can not only help them learn tamil, but act as a tuition centre to go through their homework and help them with maths and science and so much more.This would ensure that our kids get all the help that they can get to ensure that they come out as outstanding students.disney jumpers for sale

We can than rope in volunteers from Institution of Higher education to conduct motivational classes, get coaches to help out with extras such as karate or football.

Bring in Indian professionals who genuinely want to help and expose our kids to a life that many of them might not have seen. We can incorporate these sort of meet our people who went through hardship but made something out of their lifes session once a month or so.

Why not even bring hardcore former criminals who learned their lessons in life and expose our students to what waits in store for those who think its cool to be in gangs and stuff.

Lets break this cycle and expose our kids to an alternate world that many of them might not have seen in their entire life. The world that Middle Class Indians have embraced and are doing really well in?We can also conduct religious educational classes, the real stuff, for parents who want their kids to get some basic knowledge, regardless what religion they are etc etc. Bring in Devaram, Kelas Mengaji, Bible Study groups.

All this as part of our curriculum. In the afternoon onwards.

Make tamil schools a real learning centre.

Tamil Schools can truly become a force in moving the Indians forward if this is adopted.

So many of our poor Indian parents are at work until the late evenings and cannot afford care for their children, who than are left alone in an environment of poverty, abuse, and so much more.

Most cannot even afford to send their kids to schools, let alone send them to tuition, something that is so essential in boosting our kids today.

If this is done, it truly will solve alot of our problems and not only become a solution but a real catalyst of change.

It will also increase the number of students who enroll their kids to Tamil school because of all the added advantages.

Heck, even Malay and Chinese kids will enroll because they will benefit out of this.

Now this is what I mean by thinking out of the box.

For guys who support this idea and have more ideas to contribute to make this more appealing, please give your suggestions below as this will be my next blog article.

Learning for life should be the motto of our Tamil school.

We can start a pilot project for a year or two and see if this works.

Pick a few schools and implement it.

I can assure you the results will be astounding.

Please work towards giving Tamil School goers regardless who they are an edge in life.

Right now, Tamil Schools are another burden to the Indian society as a whole.  The net effect is still negatively geared.

Tamil Schools will only matter if it chooses to be one of the pillars of the Indians in this country. At the moment, the way things are, it needs the  Indians to be the pillar of Vernacular education.