Gangster School – Satu Hati, Berani Mati

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Nedumaran Elangovan

My late grandfather was a Tamil school headmaster (god bless his soul). His school, SJKT Kota Bharu was located deep inside an estate near Gopeng, Perak. This was during the 60s and 70s mind you. This was the time when the only way out from the cycle of poverty was education. Children went to school to learn, cycling for 10 km, through estate roads, come rain or shine. They cared about education. They knew what they had to do. And they did achieve success.

Being the educationist that he was, if he had take one look at the Indian students of today, it would have broken his heart beyond repair. One quick search on Facebook reveals a sorry sight for Indians. Tons of pages dedicated to idiotic gangs. And the members are all Indian school boys. Some even have school names associated with the gangs.

What we think Indian school kids are like

Indian school kids now 


There is one particular group with member's so young, that they can pass off as my children. Children as young as 13 claiming to be ‘karat’, ‘jagat’ and ’ranggi’ (I use the term children because they look like they don’t even have hair on their balls).

Group Admin-Handsome kan?

Most of them (80%) are from this particular school from Penang, SM Bukit Gambir, located in Gelugor. One by one, the member profiles I trawl. The horrors I see, really made me feel so angry.

What makes them to be like this? Why so much stupidity? What are they trying to achieve by showing off like this?

The most active commenter's on the page (tengok pun takut)

And I think to myself, what are the schools doing? When I was in school, if I did anything wrong, like forgetting to complete my homework, my teacher would slap me so bad, that I almost black out. Then, he would call my father and tell him about what I did. From father also I kena. That kept me in line.

Is the school ignoring this problem? Is it because gang problem is limited to Indians, the Department of Education doesn't seem to care? The predominantly Malay Mat Rempits get government attention and chance for rehabilitation, but let Indians slash each other and die off?Inflatable Ball

Well fuck it, if I can identify about 30 gang members from that school during my lunch break using FB, I'm sure someone in the school should have noticed by now?

Or, is it due to ignorance and sheer stupidity, they don't understand the seriousness of the problem? Think about it this way, a small arguement in class, can quickly become a bloody mess, due to gang involvement.

Some kid, just to make a point to his gang members, that he is 'karat' might end up stabbing someone. Don't laugh, I have personally seen this happen in real life.

What will the school say then?

“Kami mengambil serius kes ini. Pihak Polis sedang mengadakan siasatan dan kami pasti, pihak bertanggungjawab akan dihadapkan ke pengadilan!”

This is the School Gang Logo

Let’s do the math:

From the MOE record, it shows that this school has 873 students as of 31st January 2011. This is from a combined total of 471 male students and 402 female students.

Since Gelugor is an area with a high Indian population, I take about 30% of the male students are Indian, which brings us to a total of 141 male Indian students.

Even if you assume that only these 30 boys are in the gang, it still comes to a very high 21% gang membership in that school.

  • 471 boys + 402 girls =873 students in total.
  • 30% of 471 boys are Indian = 141 Indian boys
  • 30 of 141 are in the gang = 21% gang members (excluding the ones not indentified and gang members from other races)

A study conducted by the Missouri University, concluded that approximately twelve percent (12%) of the prison inmates were likely involved in gangs. So, this particular school has more gang members (by percentage) than Missouri state prison?

Our boys are so immersed in the gangster culture, and they are forgetting the essence of going to school, which is to get a proper education and move forward in life. But no, they would rather die defending a number or a logo.

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If anyone knows this guy, can you tell me what he got his SPM Math?

I knew I had to do it. So I wrote to the school HM, asking her to take a look into this particular group which the students have identified them to be.

It was just a simple note, without any angry rants, in polite Bahasa Malaysia, requesting her, to take a look into this issue. I didn’t give her any suggestions or anything similar, I just wanted a reply. The purpose is just to see if someone actually feels that this issue is worth looking at.

Actual note below:

Pn. Hajah Intan Binti Hasan


Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Gambir


Aktiviti Kumpulan Kongsi Gelap Di SMK Bukit Gambir  Pulau Pinang

Merujuk pekara diatas, saya ingin menarik perhatian pihak Puan ke laman Facebook dibawah:

2.   Laman ini adalah laman yang dimana ahli-ahli kongsi gelap dari Pulau Pinang dapat berkumpul dan saya juga merasakan yang laman ini digunakan untuk mengambil ahli baru untuk menjadi ahli kongsi gelap 04 dari kawasan Gelugor dan sekitarnya.

3.   Dari pemerhatian saya, saya dapati ramai ahli kumpulan Facebook ini adalah dari sekolah Puan. Terdapat juga ramai alumni SMK Bukit Gambir yang turut menjadi ahli kumpulan ini.

4.   Untuk makluman Puan, kumpulan 04 adalah sebuah kumpulan  kongsi gelap, yang kebanyakkan ahlinya berbangsa India. Kumpulan ini amat aktif dalam kes ugut, terutamanya mengugut pelajar sekolah untuk wang perlindungan. Kumpulan ini juga terlibat dalam  jenayah lain seperti pergaduhan, dadah dan judi.

Sehubungan dengan ini, saya berharap pihak Puan dapat mengambil tindakan sewajarnya dengan kadar segera untuk mencegah gengsterisma menjadi lebih serius di sekolah Puan.

Sekian, terima kasih.


Salinan Kepada:

  1. Hj. Ahmad Tarmizi Bin Kamaruddin-Pengarah,JPN Pulau Pinang
  2. Encik Md. Ismail bin Pawanteh-Pegawai Pelajaran,Daerah Timur Laut, Pulau Pinang
  3. Puan Yasmin@Rodiah binti Abdul Rahman-Penolong PPD (Pengurusan Sekolah Menengah) ,Daerah Timur Laut, Pulau Pinang
  4.  ACP Gan Kong Men-Ketua Polis,Ibupejabat Polis Daerah Timur Laut

I have yet to receive any response from anyone, at the time of this blog entry.

What I really wanted to know is this;

  1. You know your school is breeding gangsters, what are you doing about it?
  2. If you say that gangsterism is something that the police should take care of; then what will be schools/DOE role in ensuring other students, who actually go to school for studies are protected?
  3.  Are the external persons who are affecting and influencing the students indentified and persecuted?

I really hope that someone responds to me.

When knifes are involved, does the school still think it’s under control?

Dear Readers,

What I am asking you is this, never support or encourage gangsterism in any way, especially if it involves school kids. I don’t see this being practiced in these kids’ families.

Actual birthday cake. Family were present.

WTF, gang cake? What are the fucking parents doing? Watching serials and getting drunk while the youth of this generation swim in the filth of the gangs?

I am not asking you to go and become Tamil hero and fight with the gangsters like actor Vijay, because you might end up dead doing this.

I am asking you to create awareness, report wrongdoings and make as much noise as you can.  Write letters ,write emails, blog, SMS, shout to the relevant authorities.

Complain to Facebook about gang pages you encounter. Complain to the Malaysian Commission on Multimedia and Communication (MCMC) if you see any gang related pages on the net.

Some of you might ask, “Nedu, what can we do? Nambe sonna keppangela?”

If you make enough noise, someone will have to listen, someone will have to answer.

Be vigilant about the friend that your younger family members have and the colors/symbolism of the clothes they wear.And for god’s sake, if you have school going family members, check their books and bags for gang paraphernalia.

Prevention starts from home.

Do you see anyone from educated families joining gangs? Anyone can show me a son of a doctor, lawyer or engineer who is bona fide gang member? Most probably you can’t. This I because, someone at home tells them this is wrong, someone will look down on them if they join a gang. Gangs become a shame to be a part of.

Yes, the quality of living does count, and you can argue that poverty pushes these kids to gangs, but somehow, the kids must be made to realize that education is the only way to break the cycle.

The fact that you read socio-political blogs like this, says that you are a smart person. You can change this.

One little step at a time.

Note: Hey USM Indian Association, rather than bombing helicopters and being Snake Babus, why don’t you guys do some good work for the Gelugor community because some of you talk about being community activists and pejuang masyarakat.