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I know Little bit Tamil



Taranya Keereen

This is an issue which has been nagging me for years which I am finally happy that I am being given a chance to express it.

The issue that I want to highlight is the use of our mother tongue, Tamil or Malayalam or Telugu for that matter. I understand that although we are all categorized as Indians in this country but in our own way we are of many different types of clans and thus we have different types of language we practice. What I don’t understand is that since when English became our mother tongue? Did our great-grandparents have illicit affairs with the Mat Sallehs who were in Malaysia before our independence? Is that why we have so many dark skinned vellekaren walking amongst us?

Honestly I am sick and tired of listening to Indians who keeps SPEAKING broken English to their kids at temples, dhevarem classes and bharathanatyam classes.Seriously what the hell? Come on, these people are coming there to enhance the Indian tradition but are ashamed to speak their own mother tongue? If we don’t practice our mother tongue then who is going to speak it? Chinese?  Or better still Americans?

The other day I was at the temple going about my business when I heard something which made me rooted to the spot I was standing and turn around. I saw this lady (might be in the age group of 40+ ) who was explaining to her niece of 6 or 7 years old bout Mother Durga. The only thing which made me pissed was not her explanation but the language she used. For God’s sake that lady who should obviously know Tamil (since when Indians in the olden days were fluent in English? So her parents definitely would have communicated with her in Tamil,shoot me if she can’t speak Tamil cause I can and I am way younger than her) was explaining to the girl or more likely introducing her to Goddess Durgama in English. How corny. What a shame for the Indian community that an introduction between a deity and her young devotee is done in English. Oh and did I mention that she did it in Tanglish which is the broken English that most Indians are so proud of parading around? Read more…

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Sleeping With The Enemy



Mathumieka Muniandi

The title and topic does not depart from the original novel by Nancy Price. This is a true story. Note; (I’ve changed their names for privacy sake.)

Lolita thought, she had it all. A husband to buy her the new iPhone, wonderful foreign trips in which she can snap 1001 pictures and upload all of them via Facebook to get the Oooohs and Aaaahs and other envious comments from single women like uh ah ME, wonderful children who are like complimentary accessories to her persona ala Victoria Beckham with Baby Harper…but she thought wrong. She led a fake life, but from the eyes of a Facebooker, she had it all.

Lolita’s husband is the King of all conniving toads. He convinced her she’s the crazy one who wasn’t up to her mark as a wife. He brought back the other woman to the house he shares with his wife and children and had sex in front of Lolita. He hit Lolita when questioned. He called her derogatory names. He simply told her to put up with his shit and his throbbing lust for the other woman. In other words, he said “Irentha iredi, Illati podi”, (If you want to stay with me even though I’m a piece of shit, then stay, if you want to leave it’s your loss!) Read more…

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