The Real Dogs of Malaysia

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Vin Navinder Kumar


This is something very sensitive to me. It concerns innocent lives. It is about lives that cannot differentiate right from wrong. This is about the lives of dogs. If you read the Metro section of the Star (17 May 2012), it says there are a few dog breeds that are going to be banned. To the municipal hall, if you ever had brains. If you ever had common sense, you would probably know that dogs are highly protective of their owners. So, if a dog kills a civilian, it’s just being protective of its owner. It is up to the owner to have control of their dogs. Just because a few bastards couldn’t control their dogs, you are going to ban 7 species of dogs?

What kind of fucking logic is that? You should just make a new law whereby owners should be qualified to own those dog species. And then I read another case where the Municipal Hall had killed a few puppies. It’s sick of you people to kill animals like that. Damn all of you to hell for that. So, if some guy owns a Rottweiler he can control, are you people going to put it to sleep because it can be a potential threat to civilians? Please la weyh. Otak korang ok ke tak? Don’t kill dogs just because you hate them, bitches. Next time, if a dog kills a civilian, shoot the owner. Not the dogs.

Now, to the ex-army of Malaysia doing their anal  warm up infront of Ambiga’s house: Biar saya ulaskan perkara ini di dalam bahasa kebangsaan kita. Kamu semua merupakan bekas tentera. Kesetiaan kamu adalah kepada Raja; bukan kepada Kerajaan. Kamu semua dah tua. Pastinya kamu semua ada anak cucu. Kamu pernah fikir tak yang kebodohan kamu di depan rumah Ambiga itu hanya buatkan rakyat membenci kamu? Inikah yang kamu belajar di dalam tentera? Untuk berbuat seperti beruk di depan rumah seorang wanita? Dan kamu panggil diri kamu sebagai warga emas, sebagai bekas tentera, sebagai Muslimin..? Agama Islam merupakan agama yang mengajar umatnya untuk menghormati wanita dan untuk berkelakuan elok di depan wanita. Jadi, jangan panggil diri kamu sebagai Muslimin. Dan memberi amaran kepada seorang wanita, sememangnya kamu semua “wira dan lelaki sejati”. Okay, kamu boleh kata yang kamu berbuat demikian kerana menjaga keamanan negara. Ia masih boleh diterima. Tetapi, kenapa pula kamu semua bersorak “Hidup BN”? Berapa banyak yang kamu dibayar untuk buat itu?

To the politicians, your acts of maturity are why your time of rule is coming to an end. First you allow the rally, and then you ban it. Why do you behave like Lalang? You say the rally was a disturbance to the public. So, how do you justify your political protests in front of Ambiga’s house? Is that your level of maturity? If it is, then I can understand why other countries laugh at your stupidity. Selling Amburgers? Military anal – sex exercise? You’re using the police for your political dirty works and bidding. pfft. Barisan’s regime is coming to an end.

So, are you MIC/BN cyber troopers.. gonna begin your arguments?

PS: I speak for the people. We don’t want any political party’s influence in BERSIH. I’m not siding any political part, either.

So, yeah. Fuck Barisan and fuck your crew. If you disagree with this, then fuck you too.