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GEMPAR ! MIC Mahu Tuhan Bantu Menang Election!!!

SK Durai


Penulis sedang melayan setin Carlsberg sambil melayari Facebook apabila terbaca satu artikel yang cukup menarik perhatian penulis. Setelah habis membaca berita tersebut, penulis ketawa terbahak-bahak kerana sekali lagi parti politik India terbesar di Malaysia(sendiri claim besar) telah membuktikan mereka memang bengap.

Sila baca petikan berita sensasi ini:

“PETALING JAYA: While almost all political parties in the country are scrambling to capture the hearts and minds of voters, MIC, the largest Indian-based political party, seems to be hoping for divine intervention to weather the coming general election.

The party intends to erect an altar in the president’s office at the MIC headquarters, and work is underway to construct a water fountain at the entrance of the building.“The water fountain is supposed to bring good luck… it is claimed that the flowing water is good ‘feng shui’. The altar is under the president’s (G Palanivel) orders. He is a religious man,” said a MIC leader,who declined to be named.”

Meanwhile, FMT learnt that several MIC leaders have also resorted to seeing “bomoh” or witch- doctors to ensure they are given seats to contest under the BN banner at the coming general election.

“Although I have not witnessed it, people tell me that some leaders are holding prayers and rituals secretly outside the headquarters at night in the hope of being named as a candidate,” said the leader.

“I have been in this party for a very long time and this is the first time I hear of leaders seeing bomoh. They have to work to win the hearts of the people instead of indulging in this,” he added.”

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Panas! Indian Girls Exposed! Maire1 Exclusive (18 Tahun Keatas Sahaja)


Nedumaran Elangovan

“Macha, puthu Tamila pilleh video…sarrekke jokka irruke”.

Im sure, you guys that read this blog, have heard of this. Lots of you won’t admit it, but I am pretty darn sure that those with Bluetooth capable phones surely have had at least one blue clip featuring Indian girls.

I know this one girl, who used to be my junior in college. (My FB inbox is gonna blow with questions ‘yaaru bang anthe pilleh?’). She is a sweet, friendly and in her early twenties. The type of person, you can take home to meet mom. She had everything going well for her, until she met this guy, who managed to get into her heart. After a very public relationship, they broke up due to some differences.

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The Notorious Facebook Models

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