Panas! Indian Girls Exposed! Maire1 Exclusive (18 Tahun Keatas Sahaja)

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Nedumaran Elangovan

“Macha, puthu Tamila pilleh video…sarrekke jokka irruke”.

Im sure, you guys that read this blog, have heard of this. Lots of you won’t admit it, but I am pretty darn sure that those with Bluetooth capable phones surely have had at least one blue clip featuring Indian girls.

I know this one girl, who used to be my junior in college. (My FB inbox is gonna blow with questions ‘yaaru bang anthe pilleh?’). She is a sweet, friendly and in her early twenties. The type of person, you can take home to meet mom. She had everything going well for her, until she met this guy, who managed to get into her heart. After a very public relationship, they broke up due to some differences.

Skip to a few weeks later, this guy, shows up drunk to my place. Queue some drunken confession that he still loves her and all that, he proceeds to show me pictures of him and this girl, in very compromising positions on his hand phone. Not XXX rated, but clearly does indicate that these people have had a sexual relationship. He swore that, I was the only guy he showed the pictures to. The sensible part of me asked me to do what was right, and I managed to convince the guy to delete all the pictures and to forget the whole deal.

I actually don’t bother what is happening between two adults behind closed doors. If you are old enough to fuck, you must be old enough to be responsible for all the consequences.

Let’s assume that the pictures were passed around publically. What will be the outcome?

Normal Indian thinking will assume that this girl has no morals. They will say the girl’s parents have not raised her well. Her friends will suddenly become pathinis and distance themselves from her.

Macha’s who normally masturbate to auntie porn suddenly become nallavan, talking about “Pakke kutthe villaku mathiri irruke, anaa athe vanthe kuttere villaku”. Every low class macha will claim that they also have fucked the girl. Some will even say that they have seen other clips featuring the same girl.

One horny uncle will also download the clip/pic, then in mid-fap, will realize that he knows this girl and her family, and he will proceed to forward this clip to all the girls relatives and family friends. Finally the family will find out. Girl goes into depression. Suicide. Death.

Ok. Maybe I am exaggerating, but you get my flow.

So everyone, listen to what uncle Nedu has to say. Please be safe, protect your modesty. Below, are a few guidelines than you can follow. I am not saying that this will ensure that no one will invade you privacy, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Some of the things below are taken for granted at times.  I am trying to create awareness, that’s all.

Trust me, I am friend with a lot of perverts.


  1. MMS’s sent through any service provider are kept in the service provider’s server.  Let’s say I am a perverted telco engineer. I go on Facebook, I find a pretty girl. I look up her name against my network subscribers. And I find her. I check her history. Find sexy MMS that she sent her boyfriend, and now it’s mine.
  2. Same applies to emails.

Personal Data

  1. Anything you have stored in your laptop, pen drive or memory card can be stolen. Even if you have deleted the files, any internet savvy pervert can retrieve the data using free software downloaded from internet.
  2. A lot of information can be gathered from electronic device with cameras. Even if you have deleted the images and removed the memory card, there are ways to retrieve those images from the phone memory.

Hidden Camera

  1. Hidden cameras are very cheap nowadays. Some can even be set to record if there is movement in front of it. Some have wireless function. Some have memory card slots that can support memory cards up to 16 GBs. That’s a whole lot of pictures of you without your clothes
  2. Check for unusually placed objects and wires. If you are unsure, cover the object with a towel
  3. Most hidden cameras make a low buzzing noise. When you are in a confined location, try to be as quiet as possible, and listen for those sounds.
  4. Camera lenses are made of glass, and light bounces back from glass. Close all curtain and source of lights. Take a piece of paper and make a tube. With one eye closed, look through the tube and shine a flashlight around the room and look for sparkles or small flashes. They might be hidden cameras.
  5. If you find a suspicious object, take your hand phone, make a call, and put on speaker and wave around that object. If you hear a buzzing or clicking sound, most likely that object is broadcasting a radio signal (wireless video cameras/microphones)
  6. If you are really feeling like you are being watched, invest in a radio-frequency detector. They detect signals from wireless cameras, and cost less that RM50 in electronic stores.
  7. If you have a large window, please use dark, thick and opaque curtains.  Cameras that have infrared capabilities can easily see through thin curtains.
  8. You might not notice small holes on windows or doors, but an opening a size of a nail head is enough to fix a camera.
  9. What you see as a small opening, less than the width of you pinkie finger is enough for people to spy with, using high powered telescopes that are available for less than RM500 in Petaling Street. They even have attachments for these scopes to be fixed to your iPhone.

Internet Safety

  1. Using public networks, all data can be retrieved and stolen. For example, you use wifi at the mamak or McD, someone can hack into your laptop within a few minutes.
  2. Update your anti-virus; install registry clean & privacy protection software if necessary.
  3. Your laptop webcam can be hacked. If you are online at home, and you are feeling not safe, use black electrical tape to cover your webcam. Better be paranoid than letting strangers look at your hairy butt.
  4. Spyware or viruses that install keyboard trackers can actually log the keys you press as you type and send them back to the hacker who installed it. Let’s say you give your laptop for your ‘friend’ for repairs. He installs key-loggers or backdoors to you machine and steals your personal information without knowing it. Good anti-malware software’s can find and fix these problems.
  5. In a public or work environment, if you are concerned about being spied on, check your computer physically for any unusual devices that may be plugged in, especially on the keyboard cable
  6. You are monitored at work. If you have personal data that you don’t want to share, never keep it in your work PC/Laptop. You system admin can access all those files with ease.
  7. Learn to encrypt your personal data. There are many websites that you can download and learn how to do it.


  1. Use your judgment and common sense
  2. Never ever take pictures of yourself in compromising situations. It does not matter you do it with you husband or wife. Anything can happen at any time, and it can end up in the wrong hands.


So kids, be safe. Don’t let me see your nude pictures the next time I go online. (If you want me to see you naked, please email me at . I will give my feedback. And yes, I will delete, promise)

*PS: To my TESL juniors; I am trying to be more structured and trying to group my ideas…thank you for your valuable inputs and ‘tuppe’s” .. Sorry for the horrible grammar, saya budak engineering sahaja. 😛