Open Letter to Nambikei

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Nedumaran Elangovan

Dear Nambikei,

Greetings from a disgruntled Indian.

I do not know how to address you. I do not know how many of you are there.  I tried to find some information on your organizational hierarchy, but I am unable to do so.

A WHOIS[1] query done on your site has also not done much help, as your details have been hidden for reasons unknown. Why the secrecy? What are you hiding?

In your own words, you have said that “Nambikei is a news portal focused on reporting the facts and delivering the truth[2].” But by hiding your contact details, you look no better than a Nigerian 419 internet scammer. How can truth and facts be verified without its source being confirmed?

Adding on to that, by saying that you are a ‘news portal’, you are saying that you are bound by the ethics of journalism. The main ones being- truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability[3].

None of your info graphs have citations or source details. You a very much ultra-BN and information is being delivered using the Texas Sharpshooter method, where you pick and present selected statistics only, in a way that it will make you look good.

By committing all the offences stated above, you are nothing more than a propaganda machine. I suggest you reword your about page in Facebook.

With that being said, let’s move to the main reason of me writing this open letter to you.

I noticed that in your website (, you have a dedicated link for knowing the truth and knowing the facts.  I have a few questions that I hope you can answer truthfully.

The questions are based on the ‘facts’ on your site and some other relevant issue affecting our community. I also hope you don’t commit the normal fallacy that most pro-BN sites do by assuming everyone that do not support you are opposition agents. (Case and point below)

Questions are as below:

Tamil Schools

How much is RM 100 million to 500+ Tamils schools, compared to RM 120 million for  1 Maktab Rendah Sains Mara[4]? Note that there is 40+ MRSM in Malaysia.

Do you really think that RM 100 million is all we need?

You might argue that MRSM reserves 10% of places for non-Bumis, but can Team Nambikkei share with me, how many Indians are actually enrolled in MRSMs?

You say that almost RM 400 million spent on schools and bloggers affiliated with BN have also posted breakdown of money give to the schools, but my question would be, who are checking your spending? Can anyone confirm if all the money allocated has been spent in the right way?

Non-Hindu/Non-Tamil Indians

Everything this the MIC does is exclusively Hindu/Tamil. What are the Tamil Christians getting? What are the programs being done by MIC to help the Telegu’s, Malayalees,Sikhs and Bahai Indians?

Don’t they fall under the Indian criteria too? Do you have the breakdown on the assistance provided to them?

Why has there been no official statement from MIC/PPP/BN Indian leaders when Christians are harassed? Take DUMC for an example.

Stateless Indian

The government affords to conduct a large scale “Program Pemutihan” to sort out the millions of foreign workers, but there has not been a similar large scale drive to register and document stateless Indians?

IPTA Intake

Nambikkei, you have said in your infograph that 13 167 Indians have been accepted to public IHLs, but why have you not highlighted that our same IPTAs took in 25 263 foreign students in 2011, an increase from 24,214 students in 2010[5]?

Can Nambikkei explain why we can accept more foreigners than local Indians?  1500 Matriculation seats don’t look much, does it now?

The RM8 Million Co-op & YSS Tekun Loans

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You have also stated that RM 100mil has been allocated to Indians in 2012 budget. On 13th October 2011, MIC has said that RM 8 mil has been allocated to Suria Cooperative for Indian traders[6], but until today, no one has any idea where to locate the co-op.  What happened to the RM 8 juta?

TEKUN loans for Indians were said to be managed by YSS, a MIC arm. But there has not been any update or information available on YSS site on how the fund were allocated and used. Can you confirm that the loan we properly disbursed?


You have said that all shares allocated have been taken up by Indians. Do you have breakdown by the individual number Indians have bought these shares?

ASM & AS1M do not have maximum investment limits[7]. The 500 million and 900 million in ASM and AS1M may be in hands of a select group of wealthy individuals.

Mammogram Subsidy

You proudly claim that 1013 Indian women have enjoyed the Mammogram subsidy. But you fail to mention that any women aged above 40 (some cases from 35) with income below RM 5K can enjoy this for free and those earning above can enjoy RM 50 subsidy.[8]

This means that there should be more than 1013 Indians ladies eligible. Why has this not been communicated to our poorer, less informed members of the society? How can this be claimed as a success?

Low Cost Housing for Indians

Is there any ‘fact’ or breakdown of low-cost housing developed, allocated and taken up by the poorer Indian? Why are there still families in Kuala Lumpur still living in cowsheds and one room apartments?

Others matter that I hope you can give the facts and the success stories too:

  • Sale of cheap liquors in Indian neighborhoods.
  • Gangs in schools.
  • Sports grants/scholarships for Indian athletes.
  • Recognition and protection for Indian transgenders.
  • Audit of Hindu temple funding and spending

And the list goes on. I seriously don’t have the patience and don’t think that you will care to respond if I write even longer.  Please understand, holding a finger up, shouting 1Malaysia whilst giving hampers to Indian school kids does not give anyone Nambikkai.

You pretty graphic, and slick videos might look pleasing to the eyes, but change has to be felt by everyone, beyond every social and economic boundry. Progress is not when you say we are progressing. Progress is when I see an Indian teacher with a Masters degree, teaching a computer class, in an air conditioned room, to a group of poor students, each with their own laptops in some estate in Gemas, Gemencheh, Raub or Kuala Krai.

Until then, don’t ask for Nambikkai. We would rather give someone else the opportunity to prove that they can do better. If they can’t, we will get some else to do it again in 5 years.

Thanks & Regards,


N.S Born, Kedah Bred, Selangor residing 6th generation Malaysian Indian.


[2] Nambikei Facebook ‘about’ page

[4] Utusan Malaysia 7/7/2010

[5] Data IPTA 2011-MOHE (available on MOHE website)

[6] Bernama Media – Thu, Oct 13, 2011