Jannal Vecha Jackets in Temples

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Sivashangkari Genapathy

I’m titling this article as -Jannal Vecha Jackets in Temples.

Hope we learn something from here 😉

I’m dedicating this article especially to the most beautiful creatures in the world: women.I went to a temple last Friday and the scenes I saw in the temple; mind blowing I couldn’t believe my eyes. Temples seriously has turned out be a place to wash eyes (kannu kaluvurathu); a place to find a prospective new boy or girlfriend or to replace the old ones.

There was this group of four to five girls dressed as if they are on a fashion show with all their “Indian fashion week jackets”, and saree tied like Namitha (below the belly button). They were all hot chicks.

How can the bees miss the hot welcoming flowers right; a group of guys in the equal number was looking at the girls as if they have never seen a boobs or a belly button before. Who wouldn’t?? Even saints will get distracted.

Looking at both the group, at one point even I totally have forgotten my purpose in the temple. It was as if I was witnessing an 80’s Tamil movie love scene. The boys were trying to get the attentions of the girls and the girls were jual mahaling by making the donno face and the famous whatever face.

But coming to think about it, imagine in a most sacred place, in that sort of situation, what are kind of thoughts would be running in their minds? Isn’t it a shame to say that we use our sacred place for these purposes?

Girls it’s high time for all of us to put some sense in our minds. I am not condemning the fashion. You can wear whatever you want. It is your personal choice. Jannal vecha jacket? Door vercha jacket? No jacket? By all means u can wear everything that u think is the current fashion.

But why choose temple to parade? We are distracting ourselves and also the other devotees. To worst how will the pujari (priest) will do his job properly?

Who are we trying to please by dressing like that in the temple? The machas? The priest? The God? Hell NO.After the entire “washing eye” thingy done they dispersed peacefully with prasathams. So that’s all the purpose of coming to temple?

Ladies please think about it.

Seriously, like I have always mentioned in my previous articles, everything in Hindusim has got a reason behind it. And more than usual they are for the betterment of ourselves.Im sure many of us know how ladies should do namaskaram in the temple. But how many of us know the purpose or the meaning or the rationale behind it?

The namaskaram ladies must do in the temple is called panchanga namaskaram. It is where generally a woman kneels down with palms joined together and touches her forehead on the ground while placing her both hand on the ground flat beside her forehead. Basically, the act of namaskaram symbolises the humility and respect and melting of ego; a complete surrender to the Almighty. The rationale for this type of namaskaram prescribed only for women is because there is an injunction in the scriptures that the womb and the breasts of women should not touch the ground.

How you should be in a temple…

They ruled that the part of the body which sustains the growth of the foetus during pregnancy and the part that creates within itself the food for the new born and feeds it should not be allowed to come in contact with the ground. Furthermore it can be a very good exercise for a flat tummy. It is also in the yoga. Besides that the namaskaram is always done with face to the ground. The indriyas (sense organs) face towards the outer world when we lie flat. But when we prostrate on the ground with face to the ground, they are also turned away from the outer world which is again full of distractions.

When our minds are in this mode, the vibration created from all the pooja will flow freely and fill us. It is, just like, water does not remain at altitudes, but flows to level ground and fills it. As a symbol of this mental move, the body is lowered and one prostrates to the ground, head to foot.

My humble request to the ladies lets behave little more sensitive when it comes to these kinds of issues. Let’s start the changes within ourselves. Let’s try to find out reasons on things we are suppose to do at temple. When we know the reasons we will be even more motivated to do it.

Let us be the example to all the so call macho machas out there who come to temple only to wash eyes. If we don’t respond to their songs, eventually they will slowly repent. Even if they don’t who cares right?? We can rock the world if we want to.