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Machas, Machis and Temples

Taranya Keeren


Navarathiri had just started and is going to end in a few days time. It’s been fun going to temple everyday and all but the main purpose I am writing this article is not about Navarathiri, but it’s actually about people’s behaviour in places of worship. As I have been visiting temples these past few days continuously I started noticing some things which we don’t pay much attention to on normal days. As this has been continuously happening it has caught my attention and I decided to write about it to create awareness amongst our people.

The first thing which really gets on my nerve is that I don’t understand why lots of people have the urge to talk when we are praying? Correct me if I am wrong but don’t we go to temples to pray instead of gossip? I have been experiencing this problem for quite some time. Why do people get the urge to talk right in front of the prayer place? I mean a lot of people are concentrating on praying and suddenly we can hear this buzz right next to our ears. I can hear all kinds of gossip about the saree an auntie in front of me is wearing or comments about the hairstyle of the girl standing behind me. PEOPLE! We don’t want comments about other people when we are praying( thank you very much). Auntie, akka and thangachie I don’t want to know the price of your saree. Uncle, anne and thambi I don’t want to know who won yesterday’s match. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn’t gossip or talk in temple as it’s not my right but what I am saying is that you can always talk further away from the place of worship like in the temple hall or the general area where people are not praying or meditating. Let’s respect the rights of other please because everyone has the right to undisturbed prayers.

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