Machas, Machis and Temples

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Taranya Keeren


Navarathiri had just started and is going to end in a few days time. It’s been fun going to temple everyday and all but the main purpose I am writing this article is not about Navarathiri, but it’s actually about people’s behaviour in places of worship. As I have been visiting temples these past few days continuously I started noticing some things which we don’t pay much attention to on normal days. As this has been continuously happening it has caught my attention and I decided to write about it to create awareness amongst our people.

The first thing which really gets on my nerve is that I don’t understand why lots of people have the urge to talk when we are praying? Correct me if I am wrong but don’t we go to temples to pray instead of gossip? I have been experiencing this problem for quite some time. Why do people get the urge to talk right in front of the prayer place? I mean a lot of people are concentrating on praying and suddenly we can hear this buzz right next to our ears. I can hear all kinds of gossip about the saree an auntie in front of me is wearing or comments about the hairstyle of the girl standing behind me. PEOPLE! We don’t want comments about other people when we are praying( thank you very much). Auntie, akka and thangachie I don’t want to know the price of your saree. Uncle, anne and thambi I don’t want to know who won yesterday’s match. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn’t gossip or talk in temple as it’s not my right but what I am saying is that you can always talk further away from the place of worship like in the temple hall or the general area where people are not praying or meditating. Let’s respect the rights of other please because everyone has the right to undisturbed prayers.

The one thing I really admire about our culture is colour. When we have any festivals we can see all the colours in the world there. Girls in very colourful costumes are such a treat for all our machas but unfortunately nowadays all the colours are turning black. It’s very sad to see our youngsters adorning black colour to temples. Why people why? Temple is supposed to be a place full of positive energy and don’t you all know that black colour contributes to negative energy? Ok forget about the energy but seriously don’t you people know that in most culture black is worn for funerals? Are you indirectly saying that our festivals are like funerals or what? Because I don’t really get the need for you to wear black from head to toe to the temple! Seriously I would really like to see the guys in anything else other than black.

Talking about clothing brings us to next problem. Sexy! Smoking hot! Oh la la! That’s what comes to my mind when I see the kind of costumes our girls are wearing these days. So when I being a girl can think this, imagine what you are doing to the poor bald uncle standing next to you. That poor guy may get heart attack from the excitement of seeing your back and navel exposed. Girls, a lot of people have stressed it and Miss Sivashangkari Genapathy earlier in this blog has even written an article about it. So I seriously hope that you all have enough masala in your mande (brains in your head) to stop using sexy clothing to temple.

Machas! We all know you guys love and absolutely love to sit on or stand next to any wall (I have no idea why) and give a macho pose. We get it that all your hormones starts playing violin the moment you see a myna walking by but please refrain from crowding the prayer area. Please continue your pose in the parking lot or someplace which is wide and free because honestly I don’t think your pose will be noticed by the mynas in a crowded area. Let me give you tips either you gather your balls and go talk to her or try to calm down your hormones and look for another chick in a less crowded area because let me tell you that unless you talk to her you may never know she is looking at you or at your better looking friend.

And finally, after I have battled through all these problem and have just started making deals with God suddenly I can hear kala sala song playing at high volume right next to me and instead of seeing the statue of our goddess in my mind’s eye, I am seeing Miss Malika dancing. What the hell? We all know that you have just purchased your iPhone 5 or Samsung S3 but that does not mean that you get to blast kala sala song at high volume. People please take your phone and check, there will definitely be a button saying silent. Use it! If you don’t have that button, then start walking to the nearest river and throw it! We know you have latest songs in your phone but temple is not the place to exchange playlist. Seriously how dumb can you get to start exchanging songs in the temple? Unless you have suprabatham in your playlist which I highly doubt you do, then don’t start testing your phone volume in the temple. You have your house, room, kedai kopi, mamak stall, tepi jalan and lots of other places to do it, so do it there.

Just a small thing to add on. Have anyone of you seen the Friday prayers conducted by our Muslim friends in Masjid Jamek? If you haven’t then it’s high time you do. They can actually conduct prayers with such a big crowd every week without any fights. But the moment we have any festival the first thing we can find is there will surely be a fight either between gangs or between wannabe gang members whom in reality have not even have finished their form 5. So please if you want to fight, go and find one padang and chop yourself up there and no one would give a shit. But when you chop yourself up in the temple, you give all of us a bad image.

Sorry if I stepped on any toes  when I was delivering my points but I don’t mean to hurt anyone and just wanted to get my points across. It’s just that sometimes things which may seem right to us may not seem so to others. Hey we are not all perfect anyways, so let’s at least try to project a proper image of us to others who are watching us. Thanks.


Taranya Keeren