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All I want in life…

I’m re-sharing this beautiful piece of expression by a friend of mine – SK Durai

Sharan Suresh

I’m a woman, born into a wrong anatomy. My birth was such, probably, to make a difference in the world, and to open the eyes, minds and heart of those who are ignorant. Life is always filled with surprises, but what happens when you are born with a surprise? That’s how I was born. Facing rejection, being a subject of hate, disgust to others, others who are common, who love to label themselves as “normal”. But those normal people out there forgot that I’m as real and human as they are too.

Having discovered my true identity, I am on a journey to pursue with completing myself, so that I may seem common, and may seamlessly fit in. I’m tired of the lime-light, the staring and the gossips. I am who I am. I have a little heart, which beats just like yours. It feels all emotions that any common person would feel too: happy, sad, hurt, content, angry, you name it… Then why do you look at me as if I’m some sort of an alien?

In my heart, I have dreams like you, and wishes too. My dreams are not so big. God has blessed me with loving parents and a very loving husband. But because of society’s rejection due to the blind faith and ignorance of others, I’m a slave to my birth defect. I cannot legally be bound to my love. Thus, there are no rights to protection and civil benefits for us in the country that I and my father, and his father was born in. Read more…

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