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Teacher, siapa orang Hindu ni?

Cheryl Fernando

This article was originally published by MI and somehow I knew the author, and its’ republished with permission.

I teach in a school where all, except two, of the students are Malays. As a result, they are hardly aware of the existence of other races. It doesn’t help that I have a name like Cheryl Ann Fernando. “Adik Fernando Torres ke? Cikgu orang apa?” were the most common questions when I first started teaching.

My students find it hard to comprehend how I can be Indian and Christian at the same time. When I mentioned once how I was going to the church, they stared at me in silence. “Gereja tahu tak?” I asked. “Tak tahu la teacher!”

So, for the next ten minutes, I did a mini lesson on places of worship. The next week, I showed them pictures of the different races, their traditional costumes, places of worship and celebrations. I explained to my students how race is different from religion. Read more…

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