“What did I do wrong?”

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Vin Navinder Kumar

When you have children (regardless son or daughter), please do your level best to give them the best life possible. The best life doesn’t mean showering them with tech-toys and money, but giving them love and attention.

The current tsunami of serials on the Tamil channels will get you ladies glued to the screen. At the same time, you men will be working hard day and night and expect your wife to take care of the family (or you would just get pissed drunk with your friends). End of the day, the child will be orphaned even with both the parents around. This is where the complication starts.

The child needs attention and the child will do its best to get it one way or another. Usually, the sons would start vandalizing, then start with the smoking and drinking, and then he goes into a deeper level. He’ll mix with the wrong crowd, do the wrong things, live a wrong life and then die before his time (by getting stomped in the lockup or getting shot or becoming a victim to gang warfare). And then you mothers start crying “What did I do wrong?

Why did your son follow that path in life? Because his parents weren’t there to guide him at the age he needed it most. The parents had neglected the child.

Now, when it comes to your daughters, you know the truth would hurt much more. You’ve probably read the news. Stories like Damini (the rape victim from India) or Nurin, or the recent “cosplay murder”.

You know a lot of things are happening. May your daughter be a 1 year old or whatever, she is always in danger in this society. Still you ignore those and let her do what she wants. What she wants is your attention. When you don’t give it to her, she gets it from people who give the attention she craves just to exploit her.

See how being neglected can impact a child’s behavior…

Here are a list of clues that should ring a bell in your heads: 3gp clips, random sex, teen sex, bohsia, teen pregnancy, running away, drug abuse, prostitution.

Due to the influence of Tamil cinema and (miraculously excessive) raging hormones, your children will begin to explore themselves and begin to fall in love in their teens. What would you parents do, then?

You either ignore them, or you do your Tamil movie drama over them. How many of you people really took the time to advise your children on the matter? Most of you don’t.

When you restrict your child without giving them a solid reason, without something to think about, without a clear explanation, they will rebel. Then your child runs away and gets married at a young age. Then, due to lack of guidance, they suffer through life. Their child goes through the cycle as well. This would lead to a cycle of degeneration among Tamils.

Have you read the stories of how young parents are suffering? That recent UMMC case where the young husband is hospitalized and his pregnant wife needs to depend on the neighbours for food and survival because the parents have forsaken her?


There are many other cases in the past that I can’t recall.

On a personal tragedy, I had this friend who died at a tender age of 20. His father paid attention to the bottle more than toward the family. His mother always screamed her head off him. The boy was an intelligent fellow, but he lost his way due to the way he was treated at home. He didn’t join gangs and such. At an age where he was supposed to be earning a diploma (for the least), he was working in Singapore. He lost his life on his way back from Singapore to KL in a freak accident. His parents were crying and they blamed God. It’s been more than a year, and now I saw his father back with the bottle with a bunch of low-lives. So this boy’s younger brother and sister are going to suffer the same fate now.

Is this how you want the Indian society to go? This plague on our society needs to go and it is in the hands of parents. You raise the kids right, they turn out right. So PLEASE do your level best to raise your children right. Show them the right way. Guide them. Teach them.