Bulb Eating Cult

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Vanakkam. First of all I would like to confront that this piece of writing were not intended to criticize any spiritual or meditation group but to reveal certain truths in order to salvage our Indian community from continuously have fellowships with “devil”. The journey of this article begins with our Great and Lovely 96 Guruji’s thunai (Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Raja Yoga Guru Saranam). I guess now you got a hint of which group I’m going to talk about now. Yes, it is none other than the famous RPT (Rajayoga Power Transcendental) group and the great Divine Dato Seri Guruji and Datin Seri Guruji. Some may wondering whom am I and why am I writing this, don’t get shock when I say I am one of the disciples of this Guruji. No confusion, I’ll reveal how I get into this bullshit group and by the way don’t get wrong, I’m not his devotee or his diehard fan disciple.

I’m a graduate form a private university and currently waiting to further my studies. My concern to bring out the truth of this group begins when I was forced to attend this RPT ‘Maha Visuthi’ payerchi this year which cost RM 3, 300.00 per person. My mom and I were introduced to this meditation group by my mom’s close friend in the year of 2007. During that time, we have some problems in our family and basically my mom was in dilemma due to that. So my mom’s friend took this opportunity by recruits her to join this group in which she said this guruji will ease all our problems and show us better life (this is one of the tactic that these followers use to recruit others). In the successful procession with being brain washed by this lady, my mom decided to go for this course and I, who had no idea about this group was also brought together to be follower of this “Guruji@Satanji”. 

It was the first course we attended by paid RM 650.00 that time but now it increased to RM 730.00. Once enter the hall only I realized it was actually something related to do with meditation (Oh my God, I’m just 18+ and I’m too young for this kind of spiritual activity). I know there is no age to begin your spiritual life but it must come from yourself and not because being forced by others. After that, everyday I’ll receive a phone call from my mother early in the morning to check whether I woke up and did the meditation on time (I was studying in another state and my mom at our hometown). The lies begin by cheating my mom everyday by telling “yes, amma I did it”!!! But it didn’t last long, I get caught when I’m back home once I completed my studies in the year of 2008. Since then, what else if not other than having arguments and misunderstands between me and my mom due to this practice. My mom is a very faithful devotee of this guruji and I’m opposite of her. But she was not active by involving too much or attend meetings in their RPT centers because my father don’t like all this kind of meditation group, so my mum was under controlled and I’m relieve from being forced by her.

Guruji with his travelling machine – All pictures were lifted from RPT sites

Time flies so fast and comes 2013, the year that brought storm in our life. We lost our father and what else this guruji’s siddhars take in control of my family situation to spread around their guruji’s “valzhkaiyil oru thulli”. With more great influence of this people, my mom starts to get close with this group again because she thinks her life ends once my father passed away so now it’s the time for her to enter spiritual world and seek this guruji’s help to protect her children by putting ‘pirathanei’ daily. The next mission of this ‘money sucker’ group is use the weakness of individuals like my mom to upgrade their wealth position. The next course of this group is RM 3,300.00 but in between they will have all kind of “mega payerchi” to those who undergone the first 730 course.  All these courses are not free of charge but u needs to pay around RM300 to 400 per person. The RM3,300 course is called as “Maha visuthi payerchi” in which the so called “guruji” have the power to activate the CHAKRA in our throat (wth!!!! Activating chakra’s in one’ body is not an easy job man, even if one meditate years under bodhi tree also still struggling to activate their chakra’s but this GURUJI is great isn’t it!!! U just need to pay RM3,300.00 and your chakra in throat will be activated and through this chakra one may achieve wonders in their life(statements according to their ‘Pontianak’ recruiters).

Our whole family(my mom, myself and other siblings of mine) attended the ‘Maha visuthi payerchi’. Yeah, one may asked why I attend it when I know about this group – it’s none other than the only reason “my mom”. We don’t want to hurt her because she believes the guruji so much and thought that the guruji will protect us. Going against of her believeness hurts her so my siblings and I decided to just followed as her wish. I attend the course and guess what there were around 2000 fools like me inside that hall. Oh my godddddd!!!! 2000x RM3, 300.00= RM 6.6 million (in one section only and not counted hundreds or more sections that he had all this while). Okay leave it the money issue for awhile. When I looked around, my eyes got tears by looking to some individuals. I was wondering how these people afford to attend this payerchi? I don’t know how to describe these people…they were not even middle class I guess but even lower than that. They attend the course by borrowed money and pawn their jewelleries in order to attend it in hoping that this payerchi will change their life but actually it’s not. This man are cheating our Indians’ money, yes there’s nothing inside the hall, other than he using black magic to mesmerized or captivate them in it.

I got really pissed off after looked into this people and I would say this RPT group is heartless and u know what I did? I put pirathenei immediately that this Guruji and those who living lavish and luxurious life under these people’ money should not die peacefully, they must suffer each and every moment and their bloods should be sucked as how they sucks people’ money. We enter the hall after registration and breakfast around 9a.m. (don’t think once u enter in, that guruji will enter hall immediately, he only arrived in to the hall around11.30am. So what we did inside there till then? What else other than listen to his well trained bitches barking around by spreading the great stories of their Divine Dato Seri Guruji and Datin Seriji.

The speech given by his bitches, those are doctors in profession and I heard this women are his keeps(who cares though)…they say “we know u all have come here with so many struggles and against from your family members or friends and guruji aware of all this and don’t worry u all will succeed in life, but remember one thing u have to trust our guruji and leave the people who talk bad about the guruji even though they are very close to u because whoever against our guruji, is our enemy. We need to fight for our guruji and datinji no matter who talks bad about them because they are our father and mother. In your life u has to be faithful to our guruji and very important thing as guruji’s siddhar we should not forget 3 main important dates in your life. Guess what dates is that???It’s that guruji’s birthday, his wife datin seri ji’s birthday and the day they first opened their RPT Petaling Jaya center. Bullshits!!!!!!! I have never heard there are guruji’s that celebrates their birthdays before and even if you googled you will never find any guru’s birth date, so what the hell u has learned in spiritual life? which real guruji will celebrate his birthday??? They even warned us of not asking any questions that not related to meditation to the guru once he entered the hall. No one should tell their problems or even raised hand to ask question without the guruji asked to do so.

Then enter our great guruji and he was welcomed in by using the red carpet with non-stop claps for this shameful man by his devotees. After all the scenes from these devotees, there starts the Divine’s speech. In my life, I have never heard this kind of speech by a Guru who boosted himself so high. I got shocked after hear this man’s speech.  I would classified this man has never achieve anything in spiritual life. Seriously!! he said in his speech that “those who believe him will succeed everything in their life but those who don’t they will be worst and never succeed anything”. So whoever is not under RPT will never gain anything in their life is it? What kind of guruji is he? A wise man will never say these out and what the hell he called himself as a “guruji”? Did he know what the definition of Guru?  If any of his disciples reading this, please ask that useless Guruji to Google for the meaning and learn on how to become a Guru first. And you, the disciples use your god’s gifted brains to think wisely whether this person is eligible to accept as a Guru or not. Another fact to be laughed but at the same time u the disciples please squeeze your brain and think about this fact by your guruji, “I never used single cent of the money that you have paid for all the courses in RPT but I’m using all this money for noble purpose”. wth!!! then from where he earning to live such a luxury life…why can’t the followers think of this simple logic things, if he is not using all that money, from where he earning in which he now is not even millionaire but billionaire and soon he will be upper level then the Anantha Krishnan.

After all the insane speech, there’s come the time to eat bulb. This is the time where I realized he is using black magic. How? Around 20 people each time were asked to stand and u needs to look into his eyes while your mind should need to focus in your throat. Then he starts to mumble some mantras and suddenly I could felt something pass through my throat (it’s like air pass through). Once he completes doing that with everyone, now everyone is ready to eat the bulb (just a very tiny piece of broken bulb). I’m not sure it is a black magic or he plays with our mind set. After that he teaches on how to do meditation daily and how this meditation can make you to communicate with him indirectly.

Guruji sisyan from China

That’s it the course over and your RM 3,300.00 is successfully burned and now ready to claps your hand and let him go to enjoy OUR MONEY!!!!! Awesome isn’t it. Once out from the hall, some of the devotees said this “this is a wonderful day that I’ll never ever forget in my life, because I have seen my God and took visuthi from him in which after this no one can harm me. They pretend as these people are given super power. Hahahahah….no this is not something to be laughed!!! As I mentioned earlier I never meant to insult these individuals but when I saw how his followers react and show obsession towards him, I felt pity for them for being so fool. More hurtful, some of these followers are those in good professions like doctors, lawyers, teachers and so on (even I saw our Malaysian Actor inside there) but they are stupid in their real life. By being in a good job, they could contribute so much to upgrade our Indian community but what these people are doing is being well trained dogs in Guruji’s RPT Sdn. Bhd. Consequently, I didn’t write to make this high class profession fools realize the truth behind this guruji because these people knew the truths better than me but they are being delight with the luxury life that they are getting by being part of this RPT group. Good, that’s none of my business to stop you guys but please don’t recruit poor people and suck their money. Even if you can’t help them, please don’t make worst of their life. Hope our government do something over this RPT group soon.

This article was written by Shalini, a former follower of RPT.