Meenachis and the Pedobears

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Vin Navinder Kumar

Do you still remember your teenage years? 13 years old with raging hormones and puppy love problems. Almost everyone has faced that yet will refuse to admit it.

Back in my school days, puppy love was the thing. Usually, most of the guys would go for the prettiest girl. It was a healthy competition among the baby-faced bachelors. But on Fridays, the baby-faced bachelors faced a common threat – paedophiles. These paedophiles are hood-rats who wear a pair of jeans and (most of the time) the ugliest T-shirt in existence. They come with their EX-5 bikes and have the worst hair colour possible. Since they do not understand the concept of shaving and sport the hairiest face, I dub them as Pedobears.


Most of the schoolgirls were crazy about these machas. From then on, you could see 13 to 17 year old girls with a pocket of loose change on the public telephone giggling and blushing and talking about who-knows-what to the pedobears. Selvi, a schoolmate of mine, was a Pedobear victim. There was this one year where we heard that Selvi stopped schooling. We thought she transferred to a different school, which is common. Little did we know, Selvi became a victim of a grizzly pedobear who shagged her and left her. Selvi’s parents knew about the issue after they found out she was bearing Mr.Pedobear’s child.

Another schoolmate became a victim of a pedobear, too. At the time, I used to tell her that she’s going to end up like Selvi. She used to glorify her pedobear boyfriend as a gangster in the whole district. She used to tell how the pedobear ayats her and stuff. And then, one day, the news of her “overnight sensation” spread throughout the local community. Apparently, her video clips were out and the life of another young girl is crushed by a pedobear. This is just two out of many untold stories that happen in many schools and within the Indian community. If you can relate to this issue, then you know it’s something that the people should be concerned about.

When girls get to the age of 13, it’s understandable that they want attention and will get it any way possible. Some will even take it above the bar by doing stupid things as they crave so much for the attention. But stupidity has its limits. These attention seekers usually hook-up with pedobears for the notoriety these paedophiles possess over a small gang of school kids. This is the life that these girls opt and settle for.

As a guy, I feel ashamed to know that the pedobear guys can steep so low so as to hooking up with girls so young. These incompetent fools may have formed from three scenarios:

a)      They might come to grips with reality that they will never find a partner their age as the women are more choosy and matured-thinking.

b)      They are nothing but a man-child and think that having a schooling-aged partner is the best thing in the world

c)       They are just sick paedophiles

These guys are also smart enough to know that they can influence the girl to do just about anything for them in the name of ‘love’. And we’ve seen such issues through Facebook. From slitting wrists to glorifying the pedobears and to nude pictures and videos of young girls spreading through Facebook; it all happens because the paedophiles exploit young girls.

But wait, what were the parents doing while these were happening?

The parents basically don’t care. Some parents think a parent’s duty is only to conceive a child, raise it, and send it to school and to regret about the child’s actions when the family’s dignity flies away. Nowadays, parents aren’t only ignorant about their children’s whereabouts; they also justify their child’s actions when the child is obviously at fault. As the old Tamizh saying goes, “kaakaa-vukke than kunju thaan pon kunju”. Another problem is that some parents are still not tech-savvy and are unable to keep a tab on what their kids are doing on Facebook. Let me be clear that it is a parent’s responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their children at all times. If anything is wrong with the child, it’s perfectly acceptable to blame the parent.

Some parents will say “What about the teachers? We send our children to school trusting that the teachers will take care of our children!

Aunties and uncles, a school is an educational institution. A teacher is an educator. A teacher can only do his/her role to ensure your daughter receives the best secondary-level education. And teachers cannot take any action beyond their jurisdiction. Neither can a teacher nor a guidance counselor help your child if you are adamant about your child being innocent. Suppose a teacher takes initiative to inform you about your daughter seen with a hood-rat pedobear, what would most of you ignorant parents say? “My daughter is not like that!” You parents live in denial and think your daughter is super-innocent. Selvi’s parents thought the same until they found out she’s pregnant. When a teacher advises you parents, take it to your mind and do something to improve your child. Don’t be immature and file a complaint against the teacher for telling the truth.

Okay, so what do we do about this matter? ”

I did get various views and suggestions regarding this topic. A suggestion was that parents who are free should take turns to be around the school area when the kids go back. Some of you parents will argue that you do not have the time. There is also a good suggestion and it requires you parents to have common sense. As a parent and an adult, this will be the easiest thing for you to do and requires not much time or a cent of your money. Simply advise your kids not to talk to strangers and not to crave attention from unknown people. Anyone your daughter talks to who is not a school teacher, fellow student, or parent of a student may be a potential threat to your daughter.

There was also a suggestion that parents can also talk to the police who are in-charge of the locality to pay incessant visits around the school areas. The police surely love beating the crap out of hood-rat paedophiles but need an official complaint from the public for them to take action. Is it that difficult for the parent to do so?

The society should also take some responsibility in this matter. When you see some guy beyond school age talking to a girl in school uniform, kindly insist him to stop harassing the girl. The action you initiated will make others follow you, and in a short while, you will have a mob of people backing you up. When you manage to chase him away, be a good citizen and advise the young girl about the dangers of people like the paedophile. If you’re afraid the macha might parang you, call the cops immediately. At least the nearest patrolling unit will respond to your distress. Your action will still inspire others.

If you can regard those girls as sisters and daughters of your own, you can help make a difference in the Tamizh community. The young girl might fight back and say you have no rights, but remember as a concerned citizen, you have all rights to protect the safety and well-being of children who are under 18.


Vin Navinder Kumar