The Perverted Taxi Driver

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The victim has lodged a report, and this incident was send by the victim to me so that people are aware of what’s happening. If you have any suggestions on how we could pursue this, put it on the comment section.

I’m a soon to be *****(joining the May 2014 intake) and am just looking for an avenue to tell my story. I am too afraid and ashamed to tell my family and my boyfriend about the incident but I’m not able to forget about it either. I wish someone can do me some justice but I do not want people to know my identity.

I went to JJ Kepong about 2 months back to buy some groceries. After I was done with my shopping I went to the taxi stand to get a taxi to go to Kepong Tesco as I needed to buy some aluminum baking trays which unfortunately, JJ didn’t have. So I got into a taxi and the uncle was kind enough to bring me to Tesco and wait for me outside the building until I am done with my shopping. I asked him to wait because it’s very hard to get a cab around the Kepong Tesco and I would literally have to walk some distance with all my groceries to do so. On my way back home, the uncle chatted away and came off as a very nice man. He told me stories about himself in broken Malay as I politely nodded and smiled my way through. Upon reaching my house, I paid him and thanked him for waiting for me. He patted my thigh and said he was happy to. At that point he did not come off as some pervert; I thought he was just being friendly. I got out of the cab and he drove away and I was prayed that there would be more nice cabbies like him. I never realized how wrong I was about him then.

Last Tuesday, I went to JJ Kepong once again to get some ingredients for a cheesecake and when I was going to the taxi stand to get a cab back home, I noticed he was the next cabbie in line for a customer. I was delighted and got in and greeted him. He recognized me immediately and asked me “Apa khabar, tangachi?” I told him I was fine and needed to go home. The traffic was heavy as people were busy doing their last minute CNY shopping so it took some time for him to drive me home. He talked and I listened. Then he began saying thing to compliment me and I just smiled because I didn’t know how to respond. His compliments began getting very explicit and sexual. While all this was happening, he very lightly touched my thigh again and started rubbing it. I got so scared I wanted to cry or scream. He saw my expression and produced a knife and put it on the dash board. And he just stared at me and gave me a sleazy smile. He then asked me if I had sex with my boyfriend before and I said no, as I believe in abstinence.

To which he responded ” Lu tak tau bikin lelaki happy ah? Nanti lu punya bf lari ohhh, mari uncle ajar sama lu..”


I got really scared and didn’t know what to do. I just prayed really hard that I don’t get raped . He began telling me it’s important for girls to know how to please a man and how a penis works and all.


He could see I was scared, he then said ” Lu jangan takut tangachi, lu sangat cantik, badan sangat best punyaa… uncle punya titi sudah bangun tengok lu… uncle boleh nampak lu punya tetek. tak payah jadi baik, uncle tau lu suka miang punya olang…”


I really felt like wtf??!! At that point because I was wearing a long sleeved kurti top and a pair of jeans… I was so angry that he spoke to me in such a way and continued to rub my legs. I told him to stop it politely and I told him he is not being respectful. He then pulled over and grabbed my hand and put it over his crotch and he began rubbing his nether regions with my hand to which I pulled my hand away and wanted to get out of the taxi and run. He pointed the knife at me and said “Lu jangan buat hal, ikut saya cakap!” I completely froze and didn’t know what to do. He then unbuttoned his pants and put my hand directly on his penis and began rubbing it. I vomited and I was literally shit scared, I began to feel faint. He did not care and continued to do whatever he was doing. After he was done, he put an ang pow (which contained 10 bucks) into my grocery plastic and told me not to tell anyone as I would be shaming my family and ruining my own future. He made me promise that I would never talk about this and said if he saw me anywhere he would give me a free ride.

He sent me home then and did not charge me for the ride. Before he left he said something that went along the line of he gave me a much needed lesson which would make me a real woman. I felt really sick and petrified and I just went in and lied down. My boyfriend came over an hour later and I went out for dinner with him and I talked to my mom as well before she left to teach tuition. But I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it. I was ashamed that I felt scared and couldn’t fight for myself. I just needed people to know about this and to not board that man’s taxi. He’s really old (around 70 something) but a total devil.

His name is: Lim Ting Kui if I am not mistaken and his license plate number is HWE 3039. Just do look out for him.



Managed to track down the taxi driver .