Kundalini Awakening and Guruji

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Navarasan Sara

Rajayoga Power Transcendental Meditation Centre (RPT) was here for the past 15 years. Right now RPT is being bombarded for their scam, and a lot of information about them are being leaked. Well they are not alone in the world of spiritual and religion based scammers, but they seem to be kinda famous among them all.

It was rumoured that the founder or its spiritual master Dato Seri V. Balakrishnan, learnt something called “Silva Method” from the famous magician Balamurugan, who had learnt Silva Method earlier. Silva Method? What is it actually? It is a self guided practice to increase the mind capability to perform some supernatural act. It is related to the alpha level meditation at a frequency between 8 to 12 Hz. You may find more information on Silva Method in Wiki. Some say Balakrishnan learnt tantrism in India, which had become the source of his “powers”. Some say he keeps a magical “creature” with him, which helps him to accomplish something magical. Plus a magic wand…so many stories on how he could perform such extraordinary acts. However, I never witness any extraordinary acts done by him except materialising holy ash (viboothi) from thin air, right after he enter the seminar hall. Some claim that he materialise even laddoos and turmeric along with the viboothi.

It all started with a small scaled kundalini awakening program consist of 10 to 15 disciples, and it grow by time to one hall full of participants. Slowly the number increases, and they have form groups, which is under the main people of the society, called “sevaiyaalar”, the right hands of the guru. Under them are the main leaders, followed by leaders then team leaders and finally the disciples. How to be a team leader? You got to be active in looking for the future disciples, attend meetings and doing all kind of chores at the center. Each group have their own “targets”, meaning how many future disciples that they have to bring in for the upcoming seminars. Rewards will be given to those leaders from a group which brings in the highest number of people into the society. What sort of rewards? One example; such leaders shall be given an opportunity to offer garlands to the guru during the seminar. Rumours is ripe whereby the leaders are offered a sum of money for the successful “sevai”, again “sevai” here means to bring in future disciples. Meeting is held at the centres to monitor the “sevai” activity, that’s the time the leaders really bash the non-productive disciples. Some never attend the meeting just to avoid their leaders. The payment for the seminar is RM730. And the seminar participants will be urged to pay a deposit, and the disciples claim that if they pay the deposit their names will be noted down and the leaders will pray for them, so that they will attend the seminar without any obstacles. If they fail to pay the remaining money or didn’t make it to the seminar in 3 months time, the money shall not be returned to them. People with some chronic diseases or physical/mental disabilities are not allowed to participate. There are age restrictions too and its range getting smaller and smaller as time goes. Monthly fees are collected from the disciples (which the leaders claim that they do not force them to pay) plus collections are made for birthday celebration of the guru as well.  I got some questions here:

1.  Why do we need to awaken the Kundalini? Any reasons? Some say to unite with God. Ok, how can someone who already indulged in materialistic life can manage with the awakened Kundalini? First, people do not understand the meaning of Kundalini energy. They do not know why they need to awaken it. RPT claims that once the Kundalini is awakened you can achieve your goals easily and your health level will be uplifted. Not necessarily, a strong focused mind is needed to achieve goals plus asanas and pranayama are enough to provide a healthy living, according to the yoga sutra. Pranayama is fruitful even without Kundalini itself. This is not told by me…this is from the writings of great sitthars. How many of us read the poems written by the sitthars? Very rare indeed! Lack of knowledge among our people is the cause for many so called gurus to con them. Why don’t they take time to learn all this from a right source? Again the reason: NO TIME! So again why Kundalini need to be awakened? Not only RPT but so many meditation societies out there doing this, mass Kundalini awakening. Kundalini is no joke!

2.       Why do we need to pay for the awakening? You know what the disciples will answer? If we go to temple, we pay for the archanai in order to get the archanai done and to get blessings from God. The thing is RM730 is not a small amount. They may also say it’s for some pooja,hall renting, decos and for food arrangements. If you really calculate, you will find the truth. So calculate yourself. Those days, a disciple is selected among many students based on his character s and abilities by a guru, to pass his knowledge (secrets) and finally to attain “siddhi”. You have to spend some years in the Gurukulam for this and serve the guru well. The disciple takes one meal a day and sleeps on a mat. All these restrictions make a person well qualified to lead a spiritual life and to gain the siddhi from his guru. Now, people love short cuts. Any Tom Dick and Harry can “awaken Kundalini” by just paying! Isnt it great? A simple fact that hard to believe by many : A true guru wont expect any form of materials from you! True gurus only give importance to the needs of the disciples’ soul (athma); a true disciple is someone who gives importance to his guru’s physical needs, i.e. the guru’s health and comfort. So where is the money channelled? Is there any trust under RPT which aid schools and other charity program? Again it’s a huge amount of money. RM730 is for the usual Kundalini awakening. There was this program held by the society called “Mega Meditation” which is considered as more powerful, will cost you at RM370. Then there is a program called “Visutthi” to activate the Visutthana Chakra (throat Chakra), which cost RM3300. I even heard there are further programs which cost more than RM10,000. It goes on and on!

RPT Target List – Actual documents

3.   Does the Kundalini really get awakened? According to the yoga sutra written by great sitthars, once Kundalini had awakened, we see the world in a different way. I don’t see any of the disciple with such character. They still in poverty, bad health condition (Talking about health condition, one of the guru’s right hand is still suffering from his chronic illness…why can’t he be cured by the guru?), family problems and bad, bad disciplinary problems. I have seen it with my own eyes. So the question is why they are still suffering? You know what the leaders will answer: “They never do their meditation properly.” They have all sorts of answer for such question. If you know they are not doing it properly, isn’t it your responsibility as a leader to monitor them till they able to do it? Instead the leaders are too busy calculating how many future disciples are brought by the disciples. They will claim that they are guiding such disciples, but no…They are not. They do it once and that’s it. They are keener on those “productive” disciples instead. So where they guide the disciples? At the centre of course. So who are allowed to the centre? Only those who are active in finding future disciples! So how can they guide? They will say some active disciples are going to the houses of other disciples to guide them, God knows. Another simple answer the leaders have for the unsuccessful disciples is: “It’s their karma”…another answer which is hard to justify and fight against since no one knows about their karma. But then, during the seminar, the guru will say that all their karma is eliminated during the seminar itself. It really contradicts with the answer given by the leaders. Perhaps maybe the karma resulted from their wrong-doings after attending the seminar? If it’s true the Kundalini is awakened, one may not do something forbidden which can result karmic effect…so if they still do it, we can conclude that Kundalini is not awakened at all! And yet some can ask this as well: If my Kundalini not awakened how come I can eat glass pieces? How can I get whatever I wish for in my life? Well, there are plenty of people who can eat glass, bricks, wood, fibre boards and even stones. Any sort of sorcery can make anyone to perform miracle in seconds. If you dare, try eat it now itself! There was an event held by one of the group in RPT (to educate the disciples how to lure more future disciples), I guess 2 years ago. There, some of the leaders and team leaders were requested to eat pieces of pendaflour lamps. Some of the leaders were reluctant, and you got to see their face at time!  Only few of them tried. My question here, why not all the leaders and team leaders ate it at that moment? Next, you get whatever you wish for! It is true. The universe will create such situations whereby your wish comes true, if you know how to pass the input to the universe. This had been mentioned not only in Silva Method, but eve in mind science related studies. Its not related to your Kundalini at all.


Not many of his disciples really know about his history, some don’t even know where he stays and about his family. None of them knows about his guru(s). He didn’t even exposed about it, instead it is the responsibility of a disciple to cherish his guru and spread his name. He kept it secret till now. This is what I heard from his speech and from the leaders: He is from an average family. He had dreams about God(s) when he was young and he is gifted with healing powers at that time itself. Many fake gurus accepted him as a disciple and make use of his powers, and gained popularity. He worshipped goddess Kali earlier. Then he had chance to go to India and met a yogi, who accepted him as a disciple and gave him the title “Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru”. He claimed that he have another guru, who is a tantric in Rishikesh plus another guru who already attained Samadhi 65 years ago in the Himalayas. Not a single name was revealed by him. He researched about yogic and pranic energy for 27 years and used it himself to gain an uplift in his life, then he started to initiate it to others. Why he has to keep his guru(s) secret? He will give a reason that he is not permitted to reveal in yet. As far as I know he never ever mentioned or referred a sitthars name when he talks. He will only refer to the writings of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He also claimed that he was a yogi in his previous birth.


As for their teaching and practices, I can conclude its half modified Kriya Yoga plus half mind science (from the Silva Method). Most of their practices emphasize on mind commanding method. Of course, “what you think, what you become”. For example, if you keep telling yourself, “I am healthy and well!” when you are not well, you tend to recover much quicker. This is proven by many mind science facilitators. So what the guru teach you during the seminar? The guru teach you pranayama, meditation, goal achieving practices, clearing bad thoughts from your mind, self healing, healing others plus “divine shield”.


What does RPT stands for? “Rajayoga Power Transcendental”…so it’s actually Rajayoga. Rajayoga contains 8 major limbs:

  • Iyama
  • Niyama
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Pratyaghaara
  • Dhaarana
  • Dhyaana
  • Samadhi

So the first step is Iyama means self discipline (code of conduct). Niyama is more on religious observances, and the commitment of practices. According to the yoga sutra of sitthar Patanjali, one have to fulfil these two criteria in order to advance to the next level, which is asana. Same it goes to other steps as well. You can have a shortcut. The RPT guru had mentioned that, the disciples only have to do pranayama and dhyaana; the rest the guru can do it for them. Shortcuts! And who can certify that the shortcut really works? No one! Same goes for the dhyaana. Without pratyaghaara and dhaarana, one cannot indulge into the state of meditation! This is what told by the great sitthars in their poems. So if the RPT guru is telling the truth, the sitthars are liars, right? Whatever the sitthars wrote is a big lie? Dhaarana itself is a difficult task; being thoughtless for 12 seconds. Many dhaarana makes a dhyaana. So what the guru is teaching them is all wrong. In this way, I can be very sure that none of the disciple reaches even the state of dhaarana! Without dhaarana, how can they reach the state of meditation? So, the guru’s teaching is totally wrong and ineffective. Some disciple may claim, that he/she had been in the state of meditation. How one can really sure of that they are in the state of meditation?  It means they are aware during the meditation. Aware means to have a thought! Since you are having a thought (awareness), you are not meditating! I don’t know how many of the leaders and disciples heard this line from the guru during a seminar, the guru mentioned: “actually all if you are not meditating, what you all are doing is not meditation, instead all of you are trying to meditate”. People have no time to learn about all these things; What is dhyaana? What is meditation? Those who lack the knowledge easily fell for their words.

One of RPT slideshow.

Another issue here is, the disciples may say, “After doing the meditation as thought by the guru, I am successful now.” Yes, but how many of them are successful? How many actually dead in accidents? How many having chronic illnesses? How many are jobless? No one knows. RPT only publish success stories, which some are repeated many times. If you are in RPT, you won’t know how many people out there are suffering even after participated the seminar. All the details will be hidden and you will be told by the leaders to avoid such stories. The leaders will tell them will create a negative thought on the society and the guru, and it is a great sin to have negative thought as such. So RPT disciples would not have the chance to hear any failure cases and will refuse to hear even if it is from their own friends or relations.

About the kavasam or the divine shield, I have seen some of the disciple had mocked the “haters”  in Facebook with a line, “Kavasatthe patthi yenne theriyum ivangalukku?”, which means “What do they know about the divine shield?”. Well, even the disciples are really blind about the shield. There are numerous websites (non religion based websites) which really give some practical methods to attain the shield, its for free anyway. Let say a disciple met an accident while he was on his bike, and had some bruises on his hands and legs; they will tell you this, “Thank God, I would had even bigger injuries if my guru’s kavasam was not there to protect me.” Come on, if you really had the shield, you would not had met an accident at all…that’s what I call a shield! And there are numerous tales about the shield told by leaders during the monthly meeting to the disciples to make them believe and trust the guru more. Only God knows the truth behind those stories.

Pranayama brings in Prana (Universal Energy) to the body to fuel the rising Kundalini. It suppose to travel to the Mooladhara Chakra, the place where Kundalini reside in the form of a coiled snake. So it is a norm for the yogis to focus at the Mooladhara chakra during their paranayama session, so that the prana will fuel the Kundalini to rise. But here, the guru teaches the disciples to focus at their Manipuraga Chakra (nave Chakra), something which is not been discussed in the yoga sutra. My question here is: Who approved all these methods, since it contradicts with the previous teachings/writings done by the yogis and sitthars? And those people without a single knowledge of meditation and pranayama, will blindly follow these methods without any doubts.

The guru is celebrated as “thalamai sitthar” by the disciples, which means the head of sitthars. I wonder who gave him such a title, till now. Even the mighty Patanjali sitthar who lived for 5 yugas, did had such title, I am sure none of the sitthar did had such title. So how long he is going to live? Some claim themselves as god-men; instead of attaining Samadhi, they died like a mortal. I doubt that the guru is really a sitthar or not. A sitthar do not live under a materialistic life at all! A sitthar will reject materialistic life! The guru receiving hell a lot of money from the disciples, living in a luxurious house, does not have a clear sitthar lineage, so what conclusion can you make?

Then how come so many people are with the society, even though there are many people mocking and going against the guru? I got the answer from a man who was with the society from its beginning itself. This man finally came out once he knew the real source of the guru’s power. It’s merely SORCERY! Not a single disciple will agree with this! Well you don’t have to agree. I bet some of us know what is the meaning of “vas-ya” or “vasiyam”, the art of mesmerisation. To make it short, the disciples are under vas-ya. Again, no one will believe this unless you heard this from the guru himself. It won’t gonna happen. When this man who told me about this, he is someone who interested on sitthars, thats the thing made him to join the society many years back, thinking that the guru is a sitthar. Finally, he did see he is not a sitthar, since his teachings are not as per what thought by the sitthars and their writings. He witnessed the true source of his powers, by God’s grace. Then he exiled himself from the society. Since the guru knew that this man knows his secret, many threatening messages reached him. I asked him, “What made you to be brave against all those warning messages?”…he replied, “I know how his death going to be!”…I was shocked upon hearing this. I bet there are many secrets this man can reveal to me, but he didn’t.

There is this program on TV, funded by RPT, called “Nalam Tharum Yogam”, discussing about the sitthars of Tamil Nadu, plus a speech by the RPT guru at the end of the program. Its a good approach to lure more future disciples this way. He didn’t talk much about sitthars and their teachings; instead he talked about his seminar and more about sorceries. I can say nothing much in his speech, just repeated information. If you listen to his talks, you may find most of them are repeated informations, which really can give a big doubt upon his knowledge, since his disciples claim that he knows everything. He do mention that he will perform miracle (walking on the surface of water together with chosen disciples) soon but till now he did not perform anything. I never witness any miracles done by him with my own eyes; I just heard all those miracles through the leaders. It could be one of many stories used by them to lure more people into the society.

If anyone of us read and understand the writings of our sitthars, such as Agathiyar or Thirumoolar, you will come to know the truth behind sitthars and meditation plus how to attain the enlightenment (bliss). They have wrote about it A to Z, but we must spend a little time to know about it. Furthermore these writings are in Tamil. We fail to learn it, we fail to know who we are and end up being cheated by all kind of god men! Once you become a seeker, you will find societies like RPT do not emphasize what is right, instead they are making money. Of course we need a guru to guide us to enlightenment! When a disciple is ready, the guru will show himself! We have to be a good disciple first I might say. Good things will come to you if you be good. So be good, do good, you will be guided well by the Sadguru; it can be anyone. Some (the disciples) might got hurt by reading all this. Read them properly. Well my intention is not to hurt anyone; instead I want everyone to be aware of what you are doing. Are you doing the right thing? Are you really on the right path? Think for yourself. Seek for the truth. Get back to the path emphasized by our sitthars and Mahans. Spend some time to know all these stuffs.


Navarasan Sara