Tragedi MLM

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Vimalan Arumugham

So this is going to be really long essay about MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

I’m not referring to Insurance or Amway or Avon, this company has been there for decades and they have legitimate products and services. (I’m not doing any of this and please don’t approach me as my parents have a cupboard full of insurance policies for me and my siblings)

So, when my parents are approached by their friends or customers to come to their MLM business introductory talk, I become the scapegoat of the family.

“I will send my son, he will explain to me later” – My parents

This has been happening since I was 15, and as I got older, I started going for the sake of my friends. Well, these friends are the ones that you forgot they exist; you would have just met them at a school reunion. They will start being so caring and offer to bring you out for a tea and BOOM!! You will be in a room watching a man screaming and shouting as if he is constipated followed by cheering from the crowd for no reason as if they’re possessed.

If you have the guts, punch this friend who brings you to places like this without informing you earlier as I didn’t have the guts to do so. Pls!! If possible scream “HEBAAAT!!!!” Before landing your fist on their face. I’ve seen so many MLM companies, been to their talks and trust me, I’m dumb but I can draw their “Best Business Plan in the world” upside down or left to right and I can imitate them so perfectly. One common thing among this company is their blood sucking plan that promises you the perfect luxurious life if you bring more members.

And let me tell you, either you believe in god or not. Your life will never be as perfect as how they promise your life going to be. If you don’t believe in God, it’s the law of the nature. Even the richest man in the world won’t be living the life they promise you. There’s no hassle free life. Slap yourself, welcome to reality. And the MLM company will show you a clown as a “Successful” “Rich” person acting so fake, larger than life like those rich men you see in Tamil movies. Real wealthy person will never act that way. They don’t have time to prove to others that they’re rich.

It’s hard not to laugh at this “Rich” people bragging with their blazers much darker than their Bootcut slack pants with batman flapped pockets.

MLM member’s logic is you working for your boss is dumb. You’re a slave that is making your boss rich.But you joining their company and selling a mineral water worth 1.00 for RM 2999/- and bringing another 30 people to do the same thing is brilliant and wise choice. These coconuts don’t see them making someone that they have not even seen to become a billionaire.

One of the most successful MLM conman in Malaysia. His business is based on MLM model and his product is slightly different because he sells only religion and spirituality.

They know how to brainwash you and get you to find a few others who will believe and trust whatever you say. What is the difference between you and politicians that you complain as corrupted? I went through the bank accounts provided by these companies and found that the moment transactions made from their “Preys” to this account, it immediately gets transferred to various other personal accounts.

Their new trend is to attract young beautiful girls to do their business because when a cute girl asks a man out, he won’t say no. And he will invest in that business expecting more from that cute girl, where he will end up with a nice Planta on a body part that sun don’t shine.

Just because everyone else is doing it and living a “good life”, doesn’t mean you should do it too. There’s happiness in not cheating anyone, not having to lie and brainwash people to follow you to your introduction talks. Even drug dealers and gangsters are living a luxurious life, how we make a living is what matters in life. Only priority and luxury in life is to not cheat and lie to others and to have dignity.

Do your own research on this company, ask for a receipt, see if it’s issued by the same company, see how many times they have changed their company name over the years, and see if it’s registered under Bank Negara. Most importantly, ask yourself if the documents provided can be used as a proof if anything goes wrong in the future. I can bet my life that you can see so much glitch related to the documents of the MLM company.

And I must say, when I go for all this introduction, we Indians are the main population there, some of them are highly educated. They use their talent to brainwash POOR people into their trap. Please don’t invest in a business like this, if you did it for the sake of your friends don’t search for another prey.

But whatever I’ve written here will definitely be answered by the MLM heads, as one thing I’ve heard in all this MLM talks :

“MLM or pyramid scheme can never go wrong, don’t trust me???
*Followed by cheering from the crowd* *Facepalm*

Hope what I’ve written will stop at least one person from investing in this scamming MLM business.

Vimalan Arumugham