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Sleeping With The Enemy



Mathumieka Muniandi

The title and topic does not depart from the original novel by Nancy Price. This is a true story. Note; (I’ve changed their names for privacy sake.)

Lolita thought, she had it all. A husband to buy her the new iPhone, wonderful foreign trips in which she can snap 1001 pictures and upload all of them via Facebook to get the Oooohs and Aaaahs and other envious comments from single women like uh ah ME, wonderful children who are like complimentary accessories to her persona ala Victoria Beckham with Baby Harper…but she thought wrong. She led a fake life, but from the eyes of a Facebooker, she had it all.

Lolita’s husband is the King of all conniving toads. He convinced her she’s the crazy one who wasn’t up to her mark as a wife. He brought back the other woman to the house he shares with his wife and children and had sex in front of Lolita. He hit Lolita when questioned. He called her derogatory names. He simply told her to put up with his shit and his throbbing lust for the other woman. In other words, he said “Irentha iredi, Illati podi”, (If you want to stay with me even though I’m a piece of shit, then stay, if you want to leave it’s your loss!) Read more…

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HOT – Gadis India Yang Terlampau



Durai Mama

Skandal-skandal yang kononnya dibongkar oleh bloggers pro-MIC kebanyakannya melibatkan skandal seks. Mereka sungguh khusyuk tentang hal-hal seks sehingga kepala otak mereka pun sudah masuk tak tau apa la. Ini orang India sumua takda IC, takda sijil kelahiran, sekolah Tamil serupa kandang kambing, orang India mati dalam lokap, orang India tara duit mau makan, budak sekolah India jadi gangster, dan macam-macam hal lagi tara penting. Apa yang penting ialah membela Encik Saipul yang kononnya sudah ditebuk oleh Dato Seri Anwar. Sebenarnya penulis tara suka mau tulis pasai ini hal, tapi kerana kita perlu memberi contoh bahawa mereka lagi kotor , ini satu artikel untuk mengingatkan mereka.

Penulis terkejut apabila menerima satu email yang mengandungi beberapa gambar gadis didalam posisi yang mengghairahkan. Penulis terus pengsan dan dua hari lepas itu bangun dan tengok balik itu gambar sumua. Kali ini penulis masih terkejut tapi tidak pengsan. Gambar gambar itu menunjukkan sekumpulan gadis India tempatan yang telah menangkap gambar mereka didalam keadaan separuh bogel. Read more…

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Kepada kaum India dan pihak berkuasa Malaysia



Vin Kumar

I think the title got your attention. Now, let me start.

Thaipusam is celebrated by Hindus (especially the Tamil community) to pay vows made to Lord Muruga (mainly) and other Hindu gods. It is one of Malaysia’s biggest attractions. Foreigners love the thaipusam atmosphere as they can see thousands of devotees fullfilling their vows by carrying milk pots, kavadis, getting pierced with belled hooks, etc.

(Continue to read it, I got my points coming up.)

Thaipusam brings good business to the Malaysian Tourism sector. It also brings a good name to our country as people worldwide talk about Thaipusam celebrated in Malaysia.

On the eve of Thaipusam, the Chariot procession takes place from the Amman temple in Lebuh Ampang until Batu Caves.

Hundreds of free- refreshment stalls are put up along the long journey for the devotees and walkers so that they can carry on their journey. Sometimes, there are even bare-footed devotees walking. Thaipusam is the only Hindu celebration I celebrate. So, it’s meaningful to me.

But from what I have seen since my first experience in KL Thaipusam is only 40%  of devotees. The balance 60% are punks who should not live. I don’t care of their families. These punks should be shot dead. Read more…

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Intellectuals and Bigots: Siapakah Anda?

Nedumaran Elangovan

I have found myself reading more and more of MIC blogs, ever since the USM bomber Jaana’s case (Highlighted by brother Durai in RagedIndian). To be frank, I never bothered reading any Indian blogs (except Ragedindian). I came across this particular blog ‘Youths Intellectual Mind’. Reading a few articles, and I felt so much pity for this young writer. So smart and full of vigor, but been brainwashed and turned into a political bigot.

Here you see a typical pro-BN hate vendor, following the template of many other ‘pejuang’ blogs. Micro issues being blown out of proportion and no mega issues being stated.

The first thing I thought of is that, why is the writer so bigoted? Bigot, but still calling himself intellectual? What happened to the voice of reason? Aren’t intellects supposed to be open to constructive criticism, argument and rebut their skeptics with facts? That’s what I believe, but why does this intellect have a closed commenting system on his blog? Why are only comments that are positive being approved by the penulis? Then you come up saying that most comments are politically motivated and are harassing you.

IMG 1: I imagine this is the writers ‘intellectual’ logic. Read more…

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