I want to be a Doctor

Sharmini Jana

I grew up watching several parents boasting around announcing to the whole taman and where ever they go on how their children has always wanted to be a doctor ever since they were young. May it be a wedding function, temple thiruvizha, family reunion or wherever they go, there’s always an aunty somewhere talking about this:

Girl-ke/Boy-ke chinne pille-le iruntey doctor aganum nu aasai.


These ‘self-announcements’ are done once their children obtained good results for their UPSR/PMR, yes I’m not kidding. When the child managed to get into the science stream, the child is automatically labeled as a doctor by the family without even knowing the child’s real interest/talents and most importantly, the parents are not even aware of the child’s current performance in the class. Once the SPM/STPM results are announced, these are the same parents who either blame/curse the education system/examination paper marking system/ university intake procedure;

Intha varusam nambe pillingeh result eh kavutetanungeh, ellam vote kage tan. Ippo partiya epdi achu nu…

Class le ivanodeh mosama padikeravanunke ellam nalla result tukki kuduterekanungeh, avanungeh aalu.. en magan sonna. Paavingeh..ipdi senjitanungeh…


They would twist and turn the whole ‘self-announcement’ according to the result/courses offered. Read more…

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‘White’ Skinned Meenachis

Srinisha Nair

I just feel that the topic you currently shared Dark Skinned Meenachis is so close to my heart that I would like to say something, my share of it. I am your typical south indian girl, except fairer than most of them. I can tell you, it has never been a bed of roses for me. I’ve been mentally, emotionally, and sexually harassed due to my fair skin colour.

I’ve worked in a few call centres previously for short periods during my semester breaks and it was one of my toughest times. When you’re fair, every freakin attention falls on you. I walk into my office, you have men staring at you from top to bottom and girls giving you that cold stares. I was always pushed, never accepted, no Indian girl was ready to accept me as a friend. There was one time, I was rushing to work so I took a cab to the LRT station. As I got down the cab, I noticed there was an Indian man standing at the walkway towards the LRT station staring at me and I had to pass him.

He was very tall, very big, and very dark. He had a surgical mask on him. I thought to myself “just walk pass him quickly”. I was wearing a pink salwar kameez that day. So I paid the driver and started walking. When I passed by behind him, all of a sudden, he turned around, removed his mask, looks at me and goes like “unekke enna rombhe veleiya irekumne nenepa?” and he spat on my face. Yes, literally spat on my face! I was 19 and a very naive person then. I remember an Indonesian guy pushed that man and shouted at him for spitting on me. I just ran. Ran away from there, up to the LRT station’s washroom. I saw myself in the mirror, his spit and plegm covered my forehead and eyebrows.

I shivered, cried and cried and cried. I just want to tell you, writing this piece of memory now took me lots of courage cause I imagined that moment and it was a nightmare. I wanted to be normal, just like every other girl. I hated being fair. I wanted to burn under the sun and be dark!

Read more…

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Dark Skinned Meenachis

Zangeetha Raghavan


I wrote this after doing several research,reading  on the origins of colourism and based on my own personal experiences. Extensive research has been done in the West regarding this matter.

Colourism among the Indian community. According to Wikipedia,  Discrimination based on skin color, or colorism, is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which human beings are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color.

As you may have realized, this community has a preference for light skinned people. Despite the fact that South Indians are mostly from the Dravidian etymology  and Dravidians mostly are dark skinned our genetic patterns and the climate of the place we originated from.

I am a dark skinned girl from a middle class family and all my life, I have been reminded again and again of my dark skin, in a very negative connotation. Many Indian aunties have given me abundance of free advice on how to make my skin colour lighter ( ranging from applying sandalwood/turmeric powder on my face, to using products such as Fair and Lovely and Fairever). As a child, I wont deny that all this have given me a low self esteem.  I would never leave my house without some powder on my face. And I remember in secondary school where some of my Indian school mates used to call me “Kaka” (crow in Tamil). Of course, 10 years later, looking back I can understand the idiosyncratic behavior of these people and laugh, but can you imagine how it impacted my self esteem back then?

SK Durai : I must admit due to my ignorance, I’ve called many the same.

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Bulb Eating Cult


Vanakkam. First of all I would like to confront that this piece of writing were not intended to criticize any spiritual or meditation group but to reveal certain truths in order to salvage our Indian community from continuously have fellowships with “devil”. The journey of this article begins with our Great and Lovely 96 Guruji’s thunai (Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Raja Yoga Guru Saranam). I guess now you got a hint of which group I’m going to talk about now. Yes, it is none other than the famous RPT (Rajayoga Power Transcendental) group and the great Divine Dato Seri Guruji and Datin Seri Guruji. Some may wondering whom am I and why am I writing this, don’t get shock when I say I am one of the disciples of this Guruji. No confusion, I’ll reveal how I get into this bullshit group and by the way don’t get wrong, I’m not his devotee or his diehard fan disciple.

I’m a graduate form a private university and currently waiting to further my studies. My concern to bring out the truth of this group begins when I was forced to attend this RPT ‘Maha Visuthi’ payerchi this year which cost RM 3, 300.00 per person. My mom and I were introduced to this meditation group by my mom’s close friend in the year of 2007. During that time, we have some problems in our family and basically my mom was in dilemma due to that. So my mom’s friend took this opportunity by recruits her to join this group in which she said this guruji will ease all our problems and show us better life (this is one of the tactic that these followers use to recruit others). In the successful procession with being brain washed by this lady, my mom decided to go for this course and I, who had no idea about this group was also brought together to be follower of this “Guruji@Satanji”.  Read more…

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“What did I do wrong?”

Vin Navinder Kumar

When you have children (regardless son or daughter), please do your level best to give them the best life possible. The best life doesn’t mean showering them with tech-toys and money, but giving them love and attention.

The current tsunami of serials on the Tamil channels will get you ladies glued to the screen. At the same time, you men will be working hard day and night and expect your wife to take care of the family (or you would just get pissed drunk with your friends). End of the day, the child will be orphaned even with both the parents around. This is where the complication starts.

The child needs attention and the child will do its best to get it one way or another. Usually, the sons would start vandalizing, then start with the smoking and drinking, and then he goes into a deeper level. He’ll mix with the wrong crowd, do the wrong things, live a wrong life and then die before his time (by getting stomped in the lockup or getting shot or becoming a victim to gang warfare). And then you mothers start crying “What did I do wrong?

Why did your son follow that path in life? Because his parents weren’t there to guide him at the age he needed it most. The parents had neglected the child.

Now, when it comes to your daughters, you know the truth would hurt much more. You’ve probably read the news. Stories like Damini (the rape victim from India) or Nurin, or the recent “cosplay murder”.

You know a lot of things are happening. May your daughter be a 1 year old or whatever, she is always in danger in this society. Still you ignore those and let her do what she wants. What she wants is your attention. When you don’t give it to her, she gets it from people who give the attention she craves just to exploit her.

See how being neglected can impact a child’s behavior…

Read more…

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Teacher, siapa orang Hindu ni?

Cheryl Fernando

This article was originally published by MI and somehow I knew the author, and its’ republished with permission.

I teach in a school where all, except two, of the students are Malays. As a result, they are hardly aware of the existence of other races. It doesn’t help that I have a name like Cheryl Ann Fernando. “Adik Fernando Torres ke? Cikgu orang apa?” were the most common questions when I first started teaching.

My students find it hard to comprehend how I can be Indian and Christian at the same time. When I mentioned once how I was going to the church, they stared at me in silence. “Gereja tahu tak?” I asked. “Tak tahu la teacher!”

So, for the next ten minutes, I did a mini lesson on places of worship. The next week, I showed them pictures of the different races, their traditional costumes, places of worship and celebrations. I explained to my students how race is different from religion. Read more…

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Makan Di Bathroom


SK Durai


During my school visits, I’ve seen many type of difficulties being faced by the school kids. Some of the schools are in a condition where they do not even have proper materials resorting them to study in a deplorable condition. Some of the more shocking cases are kids studying inhaling toxic wastes from nearby factories and eating in canteens infested with poisonous snakes.

These are the cases that I’ve personally seen. To this date, the kids are still studying in the same condition. All these cases are a norm in Tamil schools and Orang Asli schools. Neglected and denied proper facilities, the kids are studying in a condition I’ve only seen in countries like India and Cambodia.


“A 12-year-old pupil from Batu Berendam, Melaka, lodged a police report yesterday alleging that her disciplinary teacher had called her a prostitute after mistakenly blaming her to be part of a group that had made noise and created trouble for another teacher.” Read more…

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My piece of mind on the Alvin & Vivian issue…


Kumarendran Murugiah


Everyone in Malaysia  now seems to be overzealous about these 2 names: Alvin & Vivian. They have become an instant household name by any Malaysian Face bookers you met. Even the makcik’s at my apartment keeps on talking about these 2 couples.

Yes, undeniable they have messed up the Malay brothers and sisters religious emotion switch during this auspicious month of Ramadan. I truly do not agree as any other multiracial Malaysians on what the Alvivi couples (Alvin & Vivian) have done while they decided to post their Selamat Berbuka Puasa photo with Bak Kut Teh and as well the Halal logo.

I am sure I will be equally outraged and annoyed if my religion was insulted in a way, if there are any fellow Malaysians posted on eating cow meat for Deepavali or any other Indian festivals wish.

It’s pure logic that we Malaysians might be strongly integrated (although we still have racism practiced overall in Malaysia) and proudly utter that we are 1Malaysia and associated with other common unity phrases, but deep within ourselves, we are very much attached and glued to our very own religion and religious beliefs. I call this “emotional religious freak” in my very own words. Read more…

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All I want in life…

I’m re-sharing this beautiful piece of expression by a friend of mine – SK Durai

Sharan Suresh

I’m a woman, born into a wrong anatomy. My birth was such, probably, to make a difference in the world, and to open the eyes, minds and heart of those who are ignorant. Life is always filled with surprises, but what happens when you are born with a surprise? That’s how I was born. Facing rejection, being a subject of hate, disgust to others, others who are common, who love to label themselves as “normal”. But those normal people out there forgot that I’m as real and human as they are too.

Having discovered my true identity, I am on a journey to pursue with completing myself, so that I may seem common, and may seamlessly fit in. I’m tired of the lime-light, the staring and the gossips. I am who I am. I have a little heart, which beats just like yours. It feels all emotions that any common person would feel too: happy, sad, hurt, content, angry, you name it… Then why do you look at me as if I’m some sort of an alien?

In my heart, I have dreams like you, and wishes too. My dreams are not so big. God has blessed me with loving parents and a very loving husband. But because of society’s rejection due to the blind faith and ignorance of others, I’m a slave to my birth defect. I cannot legally be bound to my love. Thus, there are no rights to protection and civil benefits for us in the country that I and my father, and his father was born in. Read more…

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Machas, Machis and Temples

Taranya Keeren


Navarathiri had just started and is going to end in a few days time. It’s been fun going to temple everyday and all but the main purpose I am writing this article is not about Navarathiri, but it’s actually about people’s behaviour in places of worship. As I have been visiting temples these past few days continuously I started noticing some things which we don’t pay much attention to on normal days. As this has been continuously happening it has caught my attention and I decided to write about it to create awareness amongst our people.

The first thing which really gets on my nerve is that I don’t understand why lots of people have the urge to talk when we are praying? Correct me if I am wrong but don’t we go to temples to pray instead of gossip? I have been experiencing this problem for quite some time. Why do people get the urge to talk right in front of the prayer place? I mean a lot of people are concentrating on praying and suddenly we can hear this buzz right next to our ears. I can hear all kinds of gossip about the saree an auntie in front of me is wearing or comments about the hairstyle of the girl standing behind me. PEOPLE! We don’t want comments about other people when we are praying( thank you very much). Auntie, akka and thangachie I don’t want to know the price of your saree. Uncle, anne and thambi I don’t want to know who won yesterday’s match. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn’t gossip or talk in temple as it’s not my right but what I am saying is that you can always talk further away from the place of worship like in the temple hall or the general area where people are not praying or meditating. Let’s respect the rights of other please because everyone has the right to undisturbed prayers.

Read more…

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