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Gangster School – Satu Hati, Berani Mati

Nedumaran Elangovan

My late grandfather was a Tamil school headmaster (god bless his soul). His school, SJKT Kota Bharu was located deep inside an estate near Gopeng, Perak. This was during the 60s and 70s mind you. This was the time when the only way out from the cycle of poverty was education. Children went to school to learn, cycling for 10 km, through estate roads, come rain or shine. They cared about education. They knew what they had to do. And they did achieve success.

Being the educationist that he was, if he had take one look at the Indian students of today, it would have broken his heart beyond repair. One quick search on Facebook reveals a sorry sight for Indians. Tons of pages dedicated to idiotic gangs. And the members are all Indian school boys. Some even have school names associated with the gangs.

What we think Indian school kids are like

Indian school kids now 

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